I got in a little trouble yesterday.  Dave never called me to see if I wanted to go the the gloryhole place so I went down there by myself.  I wasn’t trying to be sneaky or anything, it’s just that I got alot of emails from guys who wanted to know if I was going to be there.

I didn’t realize that the guy who was working there as going to call Dave and tell him I was there so as I’m doing my thing in the booth I get a knock on the door…it’s Dave and he sounds mad.  He was ok about it once I told him what happened and he just wanted to be there to record it.  He was a little upset that I had already swallowed a bunch of loads but I told him to relax because there were lots of cocks waiting in line 🙂

OMG, there were some big ones too!  My favorite one was a guy who was banging on the wall as he was shooting his load down my throat.  I thought that was cute, lol

33 thoughts on “Busted!

  1. Jomini

    Hey Shelby. Sorry I missed your last glory hole visit. Next time be sure to tweet that your heading there!

  2. Shelby Post author

    awww, you missed a good one! i’ve been having a problem with my twitter lately so hopefully i can figure it out.

  3. Typhoon

    Should have taken your own camera! A couple of the hottest female gloryhole clips I’ve viewed are where the women set up their own stationary camera for a good side shot – didn’t miss a thing! Glad you’re back. Hoping ‘Dave’ doesn’t own the property rights to your material.


  4. ryan

    When will u be at the gloryhole again and where? Lemme know I showed up when u were sick and have been wanting to see you again.

  5. Shelby Post author

    i’ll be there in another week or so. i’m looking forward to trying out the new place!

  6. Wbboykins

    You should have crashed the Lexi shoot i was not feeling it at all. You are the star my homegirls like your shoot the best too. You totally have the star gene. I think you should be more narcissistic with your site we come here to see our star. Let us in, give us as much content as you can I want to know what you think about stuff and your random thoughts and stuff. Shine bright star!

  7. Christian

    Hi Shelby, you should also do a gloryhole episode with Proxy Paige! I bet she has a sweet pussy!

  8. Christian

    I’m watching one of your videos right now, when you were with Rose! What does her pussy taste like?

  9. Christian

    I love watching your videos Shelby, I live in Colorado and if u have time or whenever, u should stop by and we can have some fun! 😉

  10. Christian

    Ur so fucking hot, Shelby. I wish I could live in Pheonix and go to the gloryhole every fucking week! :/

  11. Bobby

    I’m not really expecting a response from you but i’ve got to tell you that you are unbelievably sexy and i always check around for new videos and for a really long time i couldn’t find this site cause i didn’t know your last name but now that i do i’ll be back to comment after i’m done watching your latest trip to the glory hole i don’t think i’ll make it through all 90 some mins of it but i’ll try wish me luck so anyway just wanna say i’m a really big fan & “break a leg” do they say that for porn or is “swallow a load” more appropriate

  12. jake

    hi shelby, i’m a huge fan of your work. I live in the PHX area so let me know the next time your down at the gloryhole 🙂

  13. Matt

    Shelby you are incredible! I love watching you take load after load. I wish I could feed you mine. Keep up the good work girl.

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