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  1. Dave Standing

    Hey Shelby my names Dave and I’m a sexy Fire Fighter from all
    The way down here in Australia! 😉 (don’t believe me check my Facebook)
    Anyways I’m all cashed up and was thinking of coming over to the US
    For a vacation sometime later in the year and after seeing how you treat
    A cock I’d love to meet u or see u at one of your glory hole visits! 😉
    So was wondering how I’d get in contact with u while I was there, like do u
    Have Facebook or what?! lol Anyways keep up the good work and hope to hear
    From your sexy ass soon! Dave xx

  2. Dave Standing

    Wow did not know that would go public…I fully thought is was a private email….

    Oh we’ll fuck it!! :p

  3. Shelby Post author

    i always wanted to visit australia! the best way to contact me is through here. i use to list my email on here but i was getting too many messages to keep up with them all.

  4. John Warfield. M.D.

    I am a Physician in Phoenix. I would like to meet with you. I can be very generous. I am looking for an ongoing relationship. Hope to hear from you. John Warfield. M.D.

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