11 thoughts on “Play3

  1. doug mckenna

    hi i think you are fuckin hot and i would love to see more pics and vids of you you can talk 2 me on my email addy
    and i am from england so if your ever over here we could hook up and have fun you look good at blow jobs

  2. Rock

    Shelby, you are hot and amazing! I’m from London – If ever you’re ‘accross the pond’ let me know and i’ll take you out for drink! 😉

  3. Ricky Exo

    Shelby, I’m not hating on anything but you know what? You are so beautiful. You should be somebody’s girlfriend, strictly one dick kind of girl (maybe a few pussies haha) but you know what i’m saying?? You have made me cum a bunch of times, so like in a way, you’ve even sucked my dick you feel me, but dude.. if I was like 5 years younger- and local to where you are, I swear you would be my girlfriend. You’re a fucking jewel to be worn in a crown Shelby! Don’t ever think anything less. Regardless of what your future endeavors are hon, because you are fucking amazing.
    I would love to smoke a blunt with you sometime and just shoot the shit!

  4. Shelby Post author

    how many is a bunch of times? i love sucking cock and swallowing so i get off on hearing about how many times guys cum for me. my ex use to watch porn on his phoe while i sucked him off and i would keep going until i got several loads out of him. maryjane sucked him off once at the gloryhole. he was the guy she was sucking on in this update 10 minutes into the video:


    i always want to start sucking on him when he’s soft so i can feel him grow in my mouth but he gets hard really fast so i’m never get to do that 🙁

  5. Ricky Exo

    Shelby, awesome corresponding with you. Yo if I give you my number, will you call and leave me a dirty/sexy message?! You’re my favorite girl out there…
    I have probably fantasized about you so many times, I have probably cum for you at least 50 times. That’s a lot of cum.. I imagined your sexy mouth wrapped around my dick, pumping my cum straight into your mouth. I love when a girl sucks me when I’m not hard yet too, but yeah when I’m really anticipating the warm wet feel of her mouth, it is almost fucking impossible. You made my day reading that you reply to fans. Hopefully you can make my dream happen. I’m off to cum for you again, right now.

  6. Shelby Post author

    i like phone sex but i don’t give out my number anymore because guys keep blowing up my phone.

  7. Ricky Exo

    I definitely respect that. I can imagine they would. There’s a website I know of where you can record any message you want with your mic on your computer, and it gives a weblink after that to it. Any chance that’d work?

    When you read this, smoke a bowl or something and then record something totally originally Shelby fucking Caldera 😉
    then send me the link in my email. I will reciprocate in some way for you.
    You’re the fucking illest.

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