Getting Started

Hi guys!Β  I’m getting ready to start my very own site and I’m really excited but a little nervous at the same time.Β  I just bought a bunch of sexy new outfits to do some live camshows but my current computer isn’t capable of doing HD shows and I know you guys want to see high quality shows πŸ™‚

I also want to shoot my own videos and pics so I add some stuff to my Wish List.Β  I’m looking forward to getting started and I hope you’re looking forward to seeing alot more of me very soon.

I’m very generous and will reward people who make my wishes come true.Β  If you send me a cameras I will send you sexy exclusive pics/videos.Β  If you send me a laptop, I will do free shows for you over Skype πŸ™‚

If you’re in the Phoenix area and would like to meet me or be in one of my videos, just send me a message and I’ll let you know what my schedule is.

2,570 thoughts on “Getting Started

  1. Shelby Post author

    Oh! I’m going to the Gloryhole on Saturday. I’m trying to find another one to get some variety πŸ™‚

  2. Typhoon

    Hoping you’re ready for fame, fortune and notoriety that is sure to follow! Just keep swallowing! Hetrosexual males everywhere are swooning! Awaiting your next installment. Chel from Gloryhole Girlz fellated and swallowed 18 men in a two hour time frame a few years back – hoping to see you shatter that record!

  3. Shelby Post author

    I’m excited about my next adventure! I’ll swallow as many loads that show up on Saturday πŸ™‚

  4. Shelby Post author

    Or, you could move to Phoenix and I would suck your cock every weekend at the Gloryhole.

  5. trey_dat

    Hi shelby I’ve see you on a couple videos but how can I cum and part take in some deep thoart action for what I read you can make a man shoot a load in record time I think this is something I just have to find for my self when will u be at glorlyhole

  6. Shelby Post author

    sure trey! i’ll be at the gloryhole this sunday from 12-3pm so stop by!

  7. trey_dat

    were is the gloryhole and do i need to purchase a membership is apche and mclintock the bookstore where I need to go

  8. Shelby Post author

    no membership required. when you go into the booth you have to put money in the video machine so it really depends on how long it takes you to cum. i would think most guys can put $5 in and cum by the time you have to put more money in πŸ™‚

  9. Thickthrobbing

    When is the next time you are going to be there I know of a couple other places if you ever want change up the back ground a little let me know thank you and you are so hot

  10. Shelby Post author

    i couldn’t make it there yesterday so Lexi took my place. i guess there were alot of guys there for her πŸ™‚

  11. Typhoon

    Hoping Lexi swallowed every last drop of semen. If her complexion is perfect then we know she did! If not… πŸ™

  12. Thor

    Hey Shelby, wow you are so attractive. I would love to be at your glory hole if I was a lot closer.

  13. wes

    wish I would have know i could use some cheering …up
    keep me posted and I really like that photo, well its really hot later

  14. Shelby Post author

    OMG, i lost count. i swallowed 6-7 before dave got there and i’ll have to watch the video to see how many i swallowed total. i don’t really keep track, i just keep going until all the cum is gone. if had to guess, i think i swallowed 12-14 loads. i had some big cocks today and some guys shot huge loads! i had a tough time swallowing a few of them but i didn’t spill a drop.

  15. Thor

    Wow Shelby you are so sexy. I would love to have you swallow my load. I would love to talk to you online some time, do you have a yahoo account?

  16. Shelby Post author

    that would be fun! i don’t have yahoo but i will be doing live camshows very soon so that will be a nice private experience.

  17. Thor

    Well I can’t wait to see your live shows. Do you by any chance have any type of messenger that we could chat on?

  18. Shelby Post author

    me too! unfortunately i don’t have any chat programs right now…soon though!

  19. Shelby Post author

    i’m excited about getting a new laptop so i can start doing live camshows πŸ™‚

  20. jeff

    hi really excited about the gloryhole. been there a few times always looking for a hot girl then i saw your video. im a tall athletic firefighter from canada and would love to meet up there or somewhere else. im back in town in the fall as well as all of december. would love to meet you

  21. Chris

    Hey babe, first off you’re incredible! Second, I want to be in one of your videos. Please let me know when your going to be there and I will make sure I make it. Again, INCREDIBLE!!

  22. Typhoon

    I just noticed the new girl Lacey in the Clips Store. Is she a ‘swallower’ or a ‘spitter’?

  23. Shelby Post author

    i’m not really sure, i haven’t seen her video yet. does it turn guys off if they don’t swallow every load?

  24. Peos

    Wow shelby, you are amazing. When you ever do a european tour, let me know. I’m willing to give protein cum to your mouth. Keep up the good vids.

  25. jjjjjay

    Im going to be in Phoenix next week. Wanna meet and knock something off you wishlist?

  26. Shelby Post author

    hmmm, not sure what i’m doing next weekend but i might be making my next visit to the! wanna stop by?

  27. jjjjjay

    I’d love to stop by πŸ˜‰ I fly in tonight and I’m in town till Friday. Drop me an email. Cheers

  28. mike

    you need to get that hot body up to NYC!!!
    Get that laptop set up so we can see some live shows!!!
    Can’t Wait

  29. Shelby Post author

    NYC sounds like fun! i tried getting my laptop fixed but geek squad said it’s trashed!

  30. Andrew

    You are very beautiful and very tallented. Your videos made my last overseas trip much better. I make a few trips a year out to scottsdale. Can you please shoot me an email I’d love to meet up at one of your sites.


  31. Shelby Post author

    that makes me happy! if you’re ever in scottsdale let me know so we can plan a gloryhole visit.

  32. Typhoon

    Regarding your laptop; my previous one lasted 8 years. It would still be going(?) if the correct people had worked on it first. Once the factory owned shops won’t repair it (after 5 years) then its time for a new one. I learned the hard way that the majority of independent 3rd party computer repair shops are little more than useless.

  33. tyroon

    1. Had you suck black/ Asian / Mexican cock and swallow them before? I am just Curious because in your videos, it’s all white cock.
    2. Do you get pay for sucking?

    I live in Scottsdale hope i can meet u.

  34. Shelby Post author

    there was a black guy in the last video. i don’t discriminate, i’ll suck any cock that comes through the gloryhole. no, i don’t get paid to go to the gloryhole

  35. tyroon

    I don’t get it, you can suck people’s cock for free and you won’t offer escort service. Is it kind of contradictory? (Just wondering. Didn’t mean anything bad)

  36. Sean

    I never see a girl likes to suck cock. How can you handle all the smell and shit?
    Are you really enjoy it?
    You are hot btw.

  37. Shelby Post author

    i’m going this sunday but just to help dave out. i might play a little with the new girl though, she looks good!

  38. Shelby Post author

    awww, sorry to hear that. it’s first cum, first serve so….

    i guess you could always just show up and maybe you’ll get lucky πŸ™‚

  39. James

    I understand, but I haven’t even got the location yet…One of these days, it will all come together…

  40. Shelby Post author

    it’s hard to find good ones here so dave is keeping this one quiet. if too much attention gets drawn to it then he might not be able to go there anymore.

  41. Fuji

    Hey I just wanted to say I am a huge fan and love to watch you work. I wish I knew a girl like you.

  42. Shelby Post author

    thanks hun but it’s more like fun for me πŸ™‚

    you just might already know a girl like me but don’t know it yet.

  43. Angel

    If the Urban Legends are true, then all be blind with hairy palms very soon because of you! lol You are the sexiest and most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my life, and I really look forward to visiting from Detroit ASAP. πŸ˜‰

  44. Hill

    Do u have anyway to contact maryjane johnson? I know she is in PHX. She is hot and I want to meet her. u are hot too btw :).

  45. Shelby Post author

    thanks joe! oh ya, i love facials. would you like to see me get some at the glory hole?

  46. sealions

    GH’s are getting more ladies dropping by here in hotlanta. I told the clerk they should have “Ladies Night – free admission to the booths”. (Maybe put a day-care in too….just kiddn). If ever in town, drop on by (gh), and sit a spell. I like the pictures πŸ™‚

  47. Tom

    AAH, Shelby
    I’ve reading your tweets, and it sounds like a man has stolen your heart πŸ™‚ Good for you!
    Question? fashion square wish lists? Did he propose? you seem so happy.

  48. Shelby Post author

    g/f = girl friend and b/f = boy friend πŸ™‚

    Nevaeh is a female friend that i hang out with.

  49. Max

    ^^(Yeah right, is that a round trip ticket or one way?)^^

    Shelby, If I’m ever out that way (which I may be sometime this winter, not sure yet) would you consider letting me make a video / take photos of you? Or are you in a contractual arrangement with Dave.

  50. ray

    idea of fun:

    sun, sand, disneyland, hollywood, santa monica, good food, shoppin’!, more sand and sun, booze…

  51. Wbboykins

    You are totally my new fav star! I like how you seem real. Please don’t start getting gaped and depleted in videos, who want to see abuse two thumbs down.

  52. Typhoon

    Hi Shelby,

    Awaiting ‘Episode Eight’! You’ve acquired a growing ‘fan base’ for sure.

    I predict the next gen GH genre will feature fixed cameras at different angles with viewers able to select their viewing ‘position’. The distraction of the camera operator moving around in the booth (room) will be gone. The ‘star’ will comment directly to the ‘viewer’ regarding amount and taste of load, hygiene, etc. after each ‘donation’ if she feels motivated to do so.

    A fixed camera(s) on the donor’s side of the wall would be interesting.

    Intelligent ‘Entry and Exit’ interviews conducted by Dave should be interesting and insightful.

    Best Regards from a major fan.

  53. Shelby Post author

    dave contacted me through a friend and asked me if i wanted to try something crazy so of course i said YES! he took me to the first glory hole place and i had a lot of fun. that’s the first visit on his site and the rest is history πŸ™‚

  54. Shelby Post author

    i’d be up for trying that but i think it would be really hard to set up several cameras in the booth. i think you would need a lot of special equipment. have you tried that yet?

  55. Wbboykins

    How do you get to be the guy, like I be the guy, that would be a hell of a bachelor party for my bro and bros alike. We would totally fly out for that.

  56. Shelby Post author

    we don’t advertise where the place is because they are illegal here and a few places just got shut down. i’m not sure why because it’s not like the guys are paying for blowjobs.

    if you’re interested, then contact dave through the site and he will give you instructions πŸ™‚

  57. Typhoon

    Thinking this would have to be a specially constructed ‘booth’ at a private location. The ‘miracle’ of editing can make it appear to be a public commercially accessible location.

    “i’d be up for trying that but i think it would be really hard to set up several cameras in the booth. i think you would need a lot of special equipment. have you tried that yet?”

  58. Max a.k.a "Mr. Awesome"

    You are being compensated though, aren’t you Shelby? For your performance as an actress I mean, right?

  59. Shelby Post author

    i was there that day but was too busy myself to join her πŸ™‚

    i could hear her getting fucked and it was making the guys i was sucking off cum even faster.

  60. Wbboykins

    Merry Christmas I hope is was a good one I have a gift you can have hit me back to see if you want it. (SWTOR) I bet not but I love it.

  61. Wbboykins

    Dude golden showers no! I don’t want to see you degraded. I think we all like you and don’t want to see you put down.

  62. Wbboykins

    I wanted more so i searched hard and I found you in alot of places. I like your boy girl scene pretty hot! and I just bought you casting couch scene super hot!!

  63. Wbboykins

    But your small as it is so they already look really big. and your nips face the same directions and are at attention. Its your body so you will pick, and I know the biz and dumbass dudes will say bigger bigger bigger, but I don’t think it will make you gain fans and your boobs now will not make you lose them. Tons of girls are fake ass blonde copies that plastic everything, but real girls stand out!

  64. Wbboykins

    Also my girl like your boobs she is said she likes the color of your nips. Hers are darker I like em both!

  65. Wally

    OMG I just found Daves website last weekend and I am amazed! I used to live in Casa Grande and wish I was still there now so I could go to Phx and meet you. Will you be at adult convention anytime soon? Kinda late for this year. My GF and I would love to meet you!

  66. Shelby Post author

    that’s so awesome! a girl from casa grande was on his site. small world huh? where do u live now?

  67. Shelby Post author

    when’s my next gloryhole video? not sure but i’m ready anytime πŸ™‚

    i’ve been making some of my own home videos that i’ll be sharing soon!

  68. Shelby Post author

    i was suppose to go that day with her but i couldn’t make it. she said she couldn’t wait to eat my pussy!

  69. Angel

    Shelby, I dream of getting an opportunity to one day spread your legs far and wide, licking your sweet tasty tight pussy for an hour making you quiver shake and cum so hard. Then slipping my cock deep into you, making you moan and cum even harder. Thrusting into slow and hard, then faster and faster. Finally placing my throbbing cock into your moist warm waiting mouth, and blasting my cum down your throat and into your belly.
    This is my everyday fantasy, ever since I first saw you. I just hope that one day, my fantasy will come true. πŸ˜‰

  70. cucktodd

    god yes, id love to give You a big kiss just after You take one of thos big loads. im sure You’d rather be married to someone who supports Your addiction to cum Princess πŸ™‚
    You are amazing.

  71. D.Mike

    omg I just saw your scenes from gloryholehustler and all I have to say is WOW!
    You definitely need to start making your own vids, I would buy’em in an instant.

  72. WbboykinsAmericatheist

    It sucks that your having trouble getting shoots, I still totally think your the best star ever, when you stop I will stop watchIng for a while! I also hope you have success in whatever you start doing next! I so want your autograph what do I have to do to get one? Also if there is anyway I can help keep you going let me know on my email.

  73. henrik

    it cost you nothing if i can get it its a gift from me as a friend if you want to be cant promes anyfing but if i get it will cost you nothing

  74. henrik

    oke well a kiss would be hard sins i live in sweden but we could chat some time and use cam as friend to keep contact and i dont meen any cam sex thats upp to you im happy caming as friend really get to know eatch other and be good friends you sounds so nice and sweet and tink we could be really good friends and im not making any promes that would be bad if i cant keep it becurse i really like to be friends and get to know you will se what i can do you have msn yahoo or somfing like that kiss have a nice day

  75. henrik

    do you have msn yahoo or somfing so we can chat better i havefacebook add me on one of thos would be relly nice thanks

  76. henrik

    oke do you have somfing so we can chat and if i my say facebook and msn or skype is free we could call eatch other but dont know how mutch it will cost sins i live in sweden hope we can be friends get to know eatch other would be nice you sound so nice wish you a good day kiss from me

  77. Wbboykins

    I think you should start doing blowjobs and big facials on your site. I think we all love your blowjobs on GHH, if you started putting up some bjs and heavy facials on your site (this one) I would buy! Not those wack jack off for 5 min facials, but the bj so good I got some in your mouth facial. I want to spend all my porn money on you! Help me do it.

  78. Ryan

    Hey Shelby, I’m such a huge fan. I’m sure you get asked this tons but are you available to cam or maybe make a custom vid? Please let me know, I’d love to see you one way or the other. Thanks and have a wonderful day.

  79. Glickz

    Hey Shelby, french fan here. I wish I was in the US to have the chance to get a bj from you. Too bad for me~~ Anyway I really enjoyed your videos, you’re quite attractive.
    Hope to see more of you.

  80. Typhoon

    Hi Shelby,

    Just viewed your ‘7th Visit’; you were in great form as always! Looking forward to you doing your own material. Passed through the Phoenix area twice within the last week. Spent the night in Goodyear (customer in Tolleson) before heading to California. Finished in Fresno and flew out yesterday; switched planes at Sky Harbor. Looking forward to ‘Shelby Caldera Media’!

  81. Typhoon

    When I asked the night desk clerk (old, fat asian woman) where the gloryholes were, she stated “you don’t need gloryhole. I suck you long time!” I ran back to my room and locked the door!

    [quote]oh cool, you should have stopped by the Glory Hole for a quickie [/quote]

  82. henrik

    hi how is you day my i ask is there a place where wi can chat talk more than this like to get to know you and i might have laptop for you next month

  83. Shelby Post author

    i was having a bad week but doing better now. i’m going to the gloryhole with my friend on saturday for Gloryhole Hustlers πŸ™‚

  84. Wbboykins

    Dude I know about a bad week I got robbed at gun point stole my safe, and got all the money and drugs! I had to move away from Texas to Maryland and I don’t know anyone here and me and my girl split. I so need you working lol. I was wondering y u are only on GHH? I saw you say no to stds does that mean male co star have clap, or does it mean you don’t want to shoot bareback?

  85. Shelby Post author

    that sounds a lot worse than my week ughhh! what i meant about the STD’s is they are common in porn even when everyone is tested.

  86. Wbboykins

    Oh, fuck getting burned by stds! So how do you stay safe in the industry? I just got a sub to 1000facials and it sucks balls! When you gonna do some facials?

  87. Shelby Post author

    i’m working on a few new things right now but they are going to take some time. i thought about being in videos for other sites but i think the best thing for me is doing the gloryhole and making my own videos for this site. i have a video camera but the quality isn’t that great so i have to get a different one.

  88. MrMarine

    I love watchin u do work on guys but I think it be better if you did some work on me. Do u come to cali by any chance??? Love the vids btw!!!!

  89. jordon

    Was just screwing around on the internet trying to put off doing actual work and saw a video of a gorgeous girl in a purple tank top swallowing loads in a bookstore. Seriously the hottest thing I’ve ever seen and suddenly I had to find out who she was… after some Google-fu I found out it was you and HOLY SHIT do you have a new fan. Amazing, love your general attitude and smile and everything else, please keep it up.

  90. MrMarine

    Well u should let me know when u come out to cali and what does it take to fuck you in the gloryhole???

  91. henrik

    hi how is you week are maybe one day coming to sweden would love to show you around here have a nice day

  92. henrik

    thats nice we could stay in a hotel for weekend typ friady to sunday and i can show you around if thats sounds oke with youi know a hotel that is cheap

  93. henrik

    if its oke i say would be nice you could maybe bring littel mony so we could stay togheter in a hotel if thtas oke i bring you som rose when we meet attt the air port and and buy you dinner

  94. henrik

    could chat like msn or sms maybe call eatch other my cell phone number is 0705627956 you call me anytime kiss

  95. henrik

    oke if you could com here some day when you have time and can afforde i love sgow you around we can do anyfing you want you soundf so nice and sweet think we would have a great time and can be good friends what do you think and did you get my number and how mutch could you afford if you com here have a nice day

  96. Shelby Post author

    i’d be on a plane tomorrow if i had a ticket πŸ™‚

    i think a ticket would be around $2K

  97. henrik

    maybe on day we can meet if you can get a ticket we just need to decide when end so i can book a hotell for 2 days a friday to sunday if thtas sounnds oke

  98. henrik

    we would need to plan to when you would com so i can book a hotell and decide what to do if you can com one day

  99. Anonymous

    maybe a week would be better like 7 days or somfing you can be here how long you want gusee it have to be a hotell sins im living with my father right now or is that oke you can stay with me if you dont mind having hem orund the house some time

  100. Mike

    Henrik sounds like a creep. Shelby you are smoking hot baby. Keep up the great work. If you start your own paysite consider me your number one customer :-*

  101. Shelby Post author

    i made a few videos already but i don’t have enough to start yet. hopefully very soon πŸ™‚

  102. wbboykins

    No I will be number one fan and customer if she get her own pay site thats my crown. if you want to be number one fan we can enter into Mortal Combat lol. yeah I want more that the gloryholes now, they are cool and all but I want the new shit.

  103. Edward Hardy

    Hey baby)
    I moved to Phoenix from Moscow, Russia last week) Wanna show up some russian dick) Have you ever swallowed russian semen, how can we fix it?
    Love you babe) Send me your email plz I’ll send you some hot stuff to appetize you a little bit) lol

  104. henrik

    i might have a ticket soon maybe cant promes anyfing but if we meet would you have some hot fun to with me πŸ™‚

  105. Edward Hardy

    We can be a good friends after all^_^ Just in case I’m a private photographer and I see your low quality pics on Freeones, we can make some new good pics and let tell the world how good gals Arizona has) I still didn’t get your email bb, send me plz, I can’t really find your twitter and Facebook accounts, aren’t you into it? Txt me plz) With love and best regards, Ed.

  106. Joe

    When is the next glory hole visit and how can I be part of it? I’ve been saving up a load for a few months now.

  107. Shelby Post author

    i think my next one will be in may. you’ve been saving up for months? hmmm, that might not be good to save it up that long. i like fresh cum πŸ˜›

  108. Joe

    I really want to be part of your next visit! How many loads you gona take this time? Your so fucking hot!

  109. Lenard

    Your so beautiful and sexy Shelby! I want to stop by the glory hole when your there…..Do you like big uncircumsized cock?

  110. Joe

    Make sure you let me know details about your next visit babe, i DONT wana miss out. Can you post some sexy pics right now?

  111. Edward Hardy

    I’m about to leave US next week, so can we meet somewhere? ( Why you don’t reply on my msg? Ed.

  112. Edward Hardy

    I have already send you a bunch of messages(( but unfortunately all I get is your short replies as Hey, ho, sup, and so on, maybe somehow my messages was marked as spam? Check it out plz, or send me your number I’ll call u, meet russian dick hun) love you, u r the bestest.

  113. Shelby Post author

    i will be getting my laptop this weekend so right now i’m on my phone so that’s why the replies r short.

  114. Shelby Post author

    i gave out my number a few times before and kept getting booty calls all through the night so i don’t do that anymore.

  115. Edward Hardy

    aww I see, sorry for that question hun) whats happen with your laptop, maybe u should get a mac next time to avoid a problems like that) from russia with love, edward)

  116. Edward Hardy

    viruses are just for PC (pc sucks) add mac to ur wish list on amazon maybe u will get it soon, who knows) or I can fix ur problem for free so what do u think?

  117. Shelby Post author

    it sucks to have a broken computer because i can be doing lots of cool things for you guys! i’ll have my new laptop this weekend so i can start doing live shows πŸ™‚

  118. Edward Hardy

    fuck live show bb, let’s meet somewhere) No need in computer to buy you s drink. Txt me plz) Don’t disappoint me) Ed

  119. Edward Hardy

    i’m not a crazy at all) I’m just Russian in NYC, have a bad english, not sure how to spell sometimes, Im not a native speaker like you, but I can understand you and you understand me and its quite a cute situation) I sent you my photo) Send me details about our date in email plz) love you, my bestest)

  120. rafael

    hey shelby….i remember you from backroom casting couch πŸ˜‰ do you escort? you have to come to london !!!

  121. Shelby Post author

    oh, i didn’t know you are russian. your english is good, it’s just some of the things you say πŸ™‚

  122. Edward Hardy

    Hey guys Shelby is not a prostitute to do the things like escorts or smth, just keep it in mind! She is a real lady and respect her plz, do not misbehave. Shel so how about that meeting? Huh? Can’t leave US without date with you( txt me plz my pretty bb) love you hun.

  123. Edward Hardy

    I’m now in NYC, but Moscow it’s my place of origin, and I live there mostly all my life, but due to political situation want to immigrate to US soon or later) I prefer NYC or Chicago for comfort living, best of all I like to live in fast lane, what about you? Phoenix isn’t far away if get on a plane)

  124. Edward Hardy

    Yepp) Still wanna date with you, and planning to visit Phoenix just to meet glory hole queen) What you gonna do on this weekend? Cuz if ur busy this weekend then it might better you visit Moscow on june on RHCP show it would be just awesome) I have to leave on Mon. Waiting for your reply and check it out ur mailbox plz) Love you hun)

  125. Anonymous

    Well she’s walking through the clouds
    With a circus mind that’s running round
    Butterflies and zebras
    And moonbeams and fairy tales
    That’s all she ever thinks about
    Riding with the wind.

    When I’m sad, she comes to me
    With a thousand smiles, she gives to me free
    It’s alright she says it’s alright
    Take anything you want from me,

    Fly on little wing,
    Yeah yeah, yeah, little wing

  126. Edward Hardy

    Did you get my last msg on mail? How we can plan your moscow visit? Do u need a ticket? Txt me on my mail plz

  127. Haywood Jablowme

    Edward Hardy, WHF, do you really think Shelby’s stupid and would just go to Moscow to become a victim of the eastern European sex slave trade market. Come on at least use a Russian name you dumbass.

  128. Haywood Jablowme,

    Sex slave is just a nice way of saying being pimped out to the highest bidder and being turned out for sex. If that’s what your into then sale your self to a pimp in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) because that’s where you’d end up if you go to eastern Europe or Russia.

    I’m Guessing that based on your amazing oral skills and videos you’d go for well over a mill.

  129. Shelby Post author

    now that you put it that way, it sounds pretty scary and not fun at all. it might be fun for a few days…lol

  130. edward hardy

    Hahhah) Shel ima just a web-designer and after all not a fucking perv do not be scared, just wanna show you Moscow sights and rock out on RHCP show with you ^_^

  131. edward hardy

    Haewood) piss off you motherfucker, this is my real name and your name sounds like creepy shit. You may visit Russia too, I promise you nice sights too) just shitting you man)

  132. doug collier

    i recently came across your gloryhole videos shelby. You are a HOTTIE! I was amazed to find out your in phoniex where i live. I would enjoy checking you out! If you could send me some information about you. Where and when youll be at and or when your shooting more video. Your an amazing hottie! Hope to hear from you soon…

  133. Shelby Post author

    hi doug. i’m all over the place so i never know where i’m going to be. i like to party in old town so if you see me down there than say hi. i think i’m going to the gloryhole again in june for some fun.

  134. Kevin in St. Louis

    Dang! I wish I could think of an excuse to come to Phoenix in June. πŸ˜‰

  135. Anonymous

    Edward Hardy, thank you for the Russian invitation, I’d love to go there if it wasn’t a Fucking Frozen Shit Hole compared to the rest of the inhabitable space on earth.

    Shelby, I love your Vid’s, Pease keep the coming.

  136. henrik

    hello how is you week day just wonder will you do any masterbation vids soon maybe have a nice day take care

  137. Shelby Post author

    i see it now that i turned that off. you might want to ask dave about that because i don’t see his watermark on the video.

  138. Doug

    added a link in the description that directs them to the site. what did you think of the vid? Should send traffic to the site.

  139. Doug

    you should start you own GH site going cross country. Full of adventures….
    probably need funding to start though.

  140. Shelby Post author

    yeah, i don’t think that would be cheap to do but i would love to try it!

  141. 520

    so I’m moving back to AZ soon, we should connect sometime I’d love to visit you, smoke you up, spoil you..! I’ve been a big fan for a long time, do you think we could connect? I’m young and hung!

  142. Edward hardy

    Hun, Forgot bout me? It’s july comin up, u should visit Moscow very soon, i’ll send u a plane ticket thats for sure. Txt me plz. Btw lolll busteeeed:/ in mr. Pov. Luv u, ur the bestest.
    Eddie from coldy russia

  143. doug c

    where will you be? Any times/places that are firm? It would be awesome to see you…. Even beter to let you do your thing on me! Your the best and a HOTTIE!!! Thanks

  144. doug c

    yes. Gloryhole stuff. I live here in phx…. Any info on your apperances ect…. Would be great!

  145. Benjamin

    “my laptop is so badly infected with viruses that it won’t work now.”

    Watching a lot of porn, ha? You nasty little thing.

  146. foxyboy2122

    Hey Shelby!

    πŸ˜€ Big fan of your work! I’m surprised that you live in Phoenix. Heheh, not too far… I live just down south in Tucson. Here I am, watching your video, thinking man…. she must live in California or Wisconsin, or something! lol

    Heheh, anyways. I wish I could meet you but hey! No rush πŸ™‚ keep up the good work girl ;)!

  147. Shelby Post author

    no gangbang yet but i’m totally into that. send me an email and i’ll give you some links.

  148. Shelby Post author

    yup, i go back and forth from phoenix to idaho but spend most of my time here.

  149. Alec

    Hi Shelby, love all your scenes. You are #1, then MaryJane is #2. πŸ™‚

    Tell me, what kind of guy will you say ‘yes’ to when he asks if he can come into your booth and have an up close bj and a fuck?

  150. Scott

    Totally into that? Wow. You really are my kind of girl.
    i put the e-mail addy in this time.

  151. Christian

    I love ur gloryhole videos, Shelby. I love the it when you and Mary lick and kiss eachother, in there.

  152. long cock

    Hi shelby one of your biggest fans….amazing tits
    When are you doing a glory hole in az again……love to attend.

  153. Scott

    Woo hoo..
    Happy Birthday Baby!

    (Saw it on your wishlist.)

    What’dya do?
    (or maybe the Q is, who’dya do…)

  154. Jay

    That’s rly you ? don’t believe that… :p
    If you came into Paris one day, mabye see you there ! πŸ™‚ Keep the same. πŸ˜‰

  155. Michael

    Shelby: Love your vids. I actually live near Modern World in Tempe and am looking forward to your return to the glory hole. When will you be back?

  156. Budmaster

    Hey Shelby,

    Saw your videos along when they first came out but hadn’t seen any recently till i just noticed you where locally. Super stoked to see that AZ is actually rep’ing and doing a fine job at it thanks to you!!! I travel all over the valley so when you get back in town let me know so i can donate to the glory hole videos

  157. jack cates

    Damn Shelby, you’re making your own videos! Awesome girl. I wanna have you suck my cock. How can we make it happen?

  158. robert

    Hello shelby,

    Do you know when your next visit to mw would be. I would love too see you there. Have you gone to old town scottsdale lately?

    Thanks rob

  159. Shelby Post author

    i’m not sure if i’m allowed there again. we went last weekend and the guy said we can’t go there anymore to make videos but i don’t know if that means i can go again.

  160. robert

    If you would like to give it a try and see if you are still allowed to go i can meet you there and we can see if you are still allowed there. Do you go to any other gloryholes around phoenix?

  161. Shelby Post author

    i’d try it, i just don’t want to waste my time and get turned away at the door. i go to one other place but i’m not allowed to say where it is to avoid problems there.

  162. Tony


    My ultimate fantasy is getting my cock sucked through a glory hole by a little hottie like you, shooting a huge load as you stroke me off, and having it filmed so I can watch it over and over.

    I am going to try to make it down to Phoenix within the next few months. Hopefully you will be making some gloryhole visits when I’m there. Is there any way you can let me know what your future schedule looks like? I would hugely appreciate it.


  163. Shelby Post author

    i know of a few good places but i’m not allowed to tell anyone where they are. we got asked to leave the first place i started going so i’m a little sad about that.

  164. Shelby Post author

    i can’t really recommend any places on here. as far as i know, there are only a few places open here now so everyone is keeping very quiet about them.

  165. Shelby Post author

    it depends on my mood at the time and how horny i am. when i get really turned on i’ll do just about anything.

  166. Shelby Post author

    i did a really good facial video a few weeks ago but it was a custom video that i made for a fan. he might let me share it on dave’s site.

  167. David

    Hi Shelby I was wondering if you could tell me your schedule so that I could make it down there while you are there. I live in socal and I want to make it down to Phoenix to see you there. By the way, you are beautiful, keep up the good work!

  168. Shelby Post author

    i’d love to have you over for a visit but you’ll have to talk to dave about the schedule and location.

  169. Mike

    Hi Shelby,

    It’s Mike in Texas-your biggest fucking fan!!!!! Awesome swallow record for Dave!!!!! Would love to see pics from the 8 man bukkake. Also, I’m a little jealous….you called a fan during the scene? I want a call too…..please call me…..:)


  170. Blackguy

    Hey Shelby, can you do a creampie or multiple creampies in a video? Its the only thing that you havent done that would make me cum quickly. Preferably at least one interracial creampie. I’d love to see a big lod drip from your pussy.

  171. Blackguy

    Thats fine if its with guys you know. Can you and dave or whatever post that video by years end or something? That would really be hot seeing that from you.

  172. Blackguy

    Like couldnt you arrange for the first 2 or 3 guys at the gloryhole to be guys you know and have them cum inside you?

  173. robert

    Hi shelby,

    I was wondering how do fans get at chance to meet you and get a chance to maybe fuck you besides at the gloryhole? Do you go anywhere else that you can say.

  174. Shelby Post author

    it’s hard for me to say on here. i already have some stalker issues so have to watch out for those things.

  175. robert

    So how do i get a private video of you being naughty? You can email me if you like to.

    P.S sorry about that stalker issue.

  176. Joe

    I see where one of the winning Powerball tickets was sold in AZ; hoping it was yours. What a way to get Shelby Caldera Productions LLC off of the ground! I like your new look in your latest gloryhole session. πŸ™‚

  177. Israeli fan

    Hey Shelby, your reputation is flying overseas…
    I would love to host you here for a winter vacation. And I am NOT a stalker, just a fan who wants to meet his star. Even a weekend will be nice.
    Drop me an email if it falls on you wishlist…
    IL fan

  178. Israeli fan

    Well yes! You have fans all over the globe. I even thought of starting my own web site. Wouldn’t mind promoting my favorite, you know…

  179. Israeli fan

    Until I start that website, do you have a facebook profile? I’d like to add you as a friend.

  180. Jason

    oh Shelby, you should make ur way down to Vegas and let me cum in ur mouth and all over ur face! I know you could go to a gloryhole out here and break ur record quick! πŸ™‚

  181. Jason

    Hahaha ok, yea well u should make ur way up to Vegas soon!!! They have a couple gloryholes around Vegas, n one relatively close to where I stay, so if u come here, I’m cumming on ur face for sure!! Shoot me an email and we could talk about it! I love ur vids shelby!!

  182. Will

    Feel free to give my contact info to Dave, or just let me know when to show up at the gloryhole. I’ll make the trip.

  183. Israeli fan

    Hi Joe,
    We are all thrilled by Shelby so why not let the world know?
    I am sure I am not the only one in Israel.
    BTW Israel has some gloryholes locations but they are all for gays… πŸ™

  184. Shelby Post author

    have you been to those gloryholes? do you think if dave and i went up we could make a video at those places without a problem?

  185. Jason

    Yes! There are some pretty hot girls that to my local gloryhole all the time! If you we’re to make ur way up here, I’m sure they would not only approve of making a video, but they would probably welcome it!! I know the second that I find out you are coming this way, I will be the first in line and I’ll be waiting for seconds! Please make ur way up here! Lol

  186. Dick Bukkake

    Hey Shelby, I was just wondering if you have ever thought about trying an adult theater? Like glory holes, many of them are seedy and disgusting, however there are a few that are kept up nicely. Here in Connecticut we have two adult theaters, one is the pits (not worth me mentioning their name) while the other is VERY clean and couples friendly.

    This past summer Dr. Emilio Lizardo dropped in on the Arts Cinema in Hartford, CT and reviewed it as being the greatest surviving adult theater.

    I don’t know, I guess just something I thought about as I know you’ve definitely set the bar on Who knows, maybe someday you’d check out the Art’s Cinema and I’d be able to give you one of my nice sweet loads! πŸ™‚

  187. Shelby Post author

    i’ve been to a few places that had theaters but never spent a lot of time in the. there’s one here that i’ve been wanting to try out for awhile. i feel safe with dave taking me to those places so i’m just waiting for him to have some time.

  188. Rich

    Hey, what do I need to do to see you and pop a few loads in your mouth? I’m sure an amazing cock sucker like you wants as much sperm as she can get

  189. Rich

    Yea locating the gloryhole can be tough. Is there a way to find the location and is there a way to get notice when you’ll be there? You, Haley, Catherine and Jennifer are absolute angels. Do you know the other girls or only the ones you’ve been in the hole with? I’ve been unsuccessfully been trying to figure out who Haley is to use her mouth also. I don’t know if you can point me to her site or some info. You’re such a sweet person, taking such good care of so many people. Are you any guys personal cock sucker?

  190. Shelby Post author

    i’m not allowed to give out the exact location of certain places because many of them are getting shut down. i haven’t seen haley in awhile but i can send you some info if i hear from her.

  191. Rich

    That’s a shame they’re shutting them down, why are they trying to get in the way of cock suckers doing what they were born to do? Who are you hurting my eating hot sticky cum out of guys? And thank you, if I could have two personal cock suckers from that site it would be you and Haley

  192. Shelby Post author

    i know, right! i’m just providing a much needed service. it’s consent between adults so what’s the deal?

  193. Rich

    If there were more cock suckers like you in the world, I bet we could eradicate all war. Just girls around sucking any guy who asks, public cum dumpsters who loved getting on their knees where they belong and eating hot cum out of guys, tensions would go down so much. I can’t believe corporations don’t just have cock suckers roaming their offices sucking off stressed off workers during the day, I believe I’ve just found the answer to world peace

  194. Scott

    yes, you definetly are providing a much needed public service! But that’s ‘the deal’ too: the whole “public” nature of it. Private parties open to the public would be harder to shutdown. (if you know what I mean)
    Just something to keep in mind…

    I emailed you awhile ago about you maybe doing some private pics for me– don’t know if you remember or not… but I’m stuck here in NY now for awhile so…

  195. Bob

    Shelby you are amazing. I have recently moved to Phoenix area. Have always fantasized about going to a glory hole but have never been to one. I would love to have the opportunity to go and attend a hole with someone amazing like you on the other side. I know you cannot release your location publicly. I would love if you could email me though and maybe let me know if there is ever a time and place that could happen.

  196. Kevin in St. Louis

    Shelby, I had a dream about you. I dreamed you were sucking my cock and I filled your mouth with a huge load, and you swallowed every drop. Then you started sucking it again, but unfortunately I woke up before you finished it off. Damn!

  197. love dripping pussy

    Hey shelby are you ever going to make a vid with creampies and/or facials like previously asked? I must admit that I too desperately want to see both happen to you. And not a small load either, a huge load dripping from your pussy (preferably from a black guy).

    Also, do you know if Claire, Jessica, Proxy Paige or Catherine will be visiting again soon? If so, can you egg them on to do facials and creampies as well? Thanks =)

  198. Morgan

    Hey Shelby!

    I am a HUGE fan of your work! I dare say a bit jealous of what you do.. Could you PLEASE post more high-res photos to your website? Even if they are just from the gloryhole shoots.

    Keep making videos, please!


  199. Shelby Post author

    i can’t because he paid for a custom video of me getting a bunch of facials at the gloryhole but if he says it’s okay then dave will put it up on his site.

  200. Ori

    My friends and I would love to pass you around and use you as a fuck toy and your mouth as a cum dumpster, would you be interested?

  201. shelby stalker

    omg, i found videos of you under a different name before you took on “shelby” my god I pop instantly everytime i see these videos of you taking a raw (no condom) dick and cum facials. Your pussy must be insanely awesome, you made each dud who fucked you raw pop a TON. You should do more.

    Sorry if I am treading on something I shouldn’t

  202. Shelby Post author

    i love having sex in front of a camera and it turns me on knowing that guys like you will be watching me and jerking off. i’ve only made a few videos and mostly for dave on his site gloryhole swallow.

  203. shelby stalker

    will you ever take a raw dick/creampie at the gloryhole and just make sure hes the first guy and your friend

  204. Shelby Post author

    i get horny when i’m there and i think if the conditions were right i would probably let a guy cum in me. when i think about it now i think no but everything changes when i get horny.

  205. question

    also im in arizona, tempe and frequent phoenix. is there any chance i can take u out for a night. not just sex but take u out 1st, u seem cool and laid back which are qualities girls these days dont have

  206. heysexy

    So….sexy Shelby….when are ya going to do your 9th video? And like many have asked….can ya do a creampie or at least go bareback during your 9th (hopefully both)?

  207. Shelby Post author

    i already did my ninth but i’m not sure when dave will put it on his site. you’ll have to ask him that.

  208. Shelby Post author

    the last time i went to the gloryhole i got a bunch of facials and it was a mess. i think 7 or 8 guys came all over my face.

  209. heysexy

    sweet so we can expect to see your face cum covered this time?
    10 times a charm for creampie *wink wink* lol

  210. John

    I have to agree with all these other posts asking for facicals and creampies of you Shelby. Your really hot. You must have a really small/tight pussy. I wouldn’t make it to see your pussy dripping cum at the gloryhole if you did it. I’d pop just seeing you taking a raw dick at the gloryhole. Lastly your like a 10 naturally but with cum on your face your a 12!!!

    Please do facials and at least a creampie (or at least take one dick raw) during your tenth video.

    From your number one fan =)

  211. Shelby Post author

    guys always tell me how nice my pussy feels and i am pretty tight. i can contract my pussy muscles when i want the guy to cum πŸ™‚

  212. John

    Wow, I am jealous that I wont have the chance to feel that from you =(
    Curious, your video with ****, did he really cum inside of your pussy a little bit at the end? Or was that your cum leaking out? Personally I think he came in you unless you cum a lot, because you looked full lol

  213. Wants to creampie Shelby desperately!!!!

    Shelby, do you know if Alana, Catherine, or Jessica do other porn flicks Like Proxy Paige, Lola? If not can you ask Dave if he knows what their REAL porn name is? GHS has a lot of hidden gems, don’t worry your DEF my number one. If I make it to the next one your at, youll know its me when the black cock cums in seconds just knowing its your lips =)

  214. Wants to creampie Shelby desperately!!!!

    Also do you fuck your fans? Like if a fan lived close to you does he have a chance? Or do you have too many guys too satisfy you that you can call so us regular guys are sol? =(

  215. Wants to creampie Shelby desperately!!!!

    personal life. would a fan that runs into you on the street have a chance at being able to have you? Or is sex off camera reserved for a bf or something

  216. Shelby Post author

    i’ve spent time with fans but it depends on the situation. i get a lot of stalkers and desperate guys that beg turn me off.

  217. Fan Request

    So Shelby after ghosting some of the recent comments, are you willing to do the fan requests of a cum on face and creampie or two at your tenth gloryhole visit? You can easily stage the creampies with guys you actually know right? Like they say a keyword or something…

    Well, your my favorite gloryhole girl, Its just a fan request to see my favorite amateur star partake in those genres.

  218. Fan Request

    So your saying you’ll give us all a creampie and facial at your next visit? I was only suggested the “keyword” thing for if you were 100% against unprotected with a stranger. I think all your fans really want to see you take a facial and creampie.

  219. Rich

    All these gloryholeswallow/hustler videos with these amazing natural born cock suckers, why does the guy hosting the videos not have you suck his cock? Especially in the intro interviews in the car. I couldn’t imagine being around you and not using your mouth, especially being around you 8 + times

  220. Please Help

    Please Shelby, ask dave what is Alana, Melissa, Allie, and Catherines real name. I really really REALLY want to see more of them. I have all your amatuer videos and i want all of theirs too

  221. Shelby Post author

    i did a custom facial video at the gloryhole for one of my fans and let a bunch of guys cover me in cum. dave has the video so i don’t know what he’s going to do with it. i love letting guys cum in me but don’t feel comfortable doing that at the gloryhole.

  222. Please Help

    Not real names as on the birth certificate lol i meant pornstar names. Or their full amatuer name. Sorry about that

  223. Small bennifer

    im interested in knowing this as well, do you ladies have to fuck dave or at least blow him before he takes you to the gloryhole and pays you? or is he just there to record?

  224. Shelby Post author

    i dont know what you mean. their names are used on his site like Alana, Melissa, Allie, and Catherine.

  225. no one is here

    aww cant you tell us if he gets lucky with all of you, or at least if you had to showcase yourself to him.

    also any chance going mainstream? your talents would make you the next big star in my opinion

  226. jsk

    Any new clips of your out soon? Been a while since your last visit to gloryhole, and I could only rewatch those old clips of your visits :/

  227. Shelby Post author

    i just asked dave and he said my 9th visit will be ready in two weeks. i’m looking forward to watching it to πŸ™‚

  228. David

    Hi baby, hope to see more oral creampies from you at the glory hole (something you’re simply the best at of all the girls! :)), esp in your 9th visit . I think the 8th visit had a bit too much hand action for me. All the other girls seem to just jerk the guy off into their mouth, which has been a bit of a disappointment for me with the recent videos. Hope you can bring back the oral creampie like only you know how! πŸ˜€

  229. Shelby Post author

    i wish i was aloud to say on here because i’m going this week for some yum-yum πŸ™‚

  230. Shelby Post author

    i don’t know what an oral creampie is. is that cum dripping out of my mouth like a pussy creampie?

  231. David

    Hi baby, an oral creampie is when the guy cums inside the girl’s mouth whilst she’s still sucking on it. From watching all the girls, you were the best at it! Turns me on just thinking about it now! πŸ˜€

  232. Shelby

    Shelby, would you consider going raw at the gloryhole if you got really horny? Ive seen the other amateur videos you had going raw and the creampie, but I think seeing you do it at the gloryhole would be a bit better.

    Also, can you allow a guy to come into the booth and throat-fuck you or ask Dave if he can get a girl to allow throat fucked followed by oral creampie


  233. Shelby Post author

    i don’t like condoms and the only time i ever use them is at the gloryhole. i cant really deep throat but i can let a guy try.

  234. Shelby Post author

    i use to have my email on here but i was getting too many emails to keep up πŸ™

  235. curious

    Couple questions, probably different from most you’ve gotten on here. Be 100% honest, and be detailed:

    If you met a really great guy, fell in love with him etc. Would you be faithful to him if he asked you to be? Also would you drop your career in porn for him? Do you ever regret joining the industry (amateur porn & probably mainstream since you have talent) or do you like your decision?

  236. george

    have you spoke to dave about his intentions for the custom facial vid you made for a fan? i’d love to see the vid or even just some photos from it, i reckon you’d look amazing covered in cum

  237. Shelby Post author

    i asked him about it but it’s not really up to him. it was a custom video made for one of my fans so unless he gives the permission to show it, it has to stay private.

  238. Shelby Post author

    yes, of course. i don’t consider my videos as a career, i do it because i enjoy it. if i was dating a guy that didn’t want me to do it then i would stop. i don’t regret being in videos because it’s something i like.

  239. george

    ah that is understandable. perhaps you could persuade dave to take you for another facial session as a bonus video for his website, judging by the interest on here it would be a big hit

    otherwise, how much do you charge for custom videos?

  240. curious

    alright. and would you be 100% faithful? Or would you still go to the gloryhole or mess around?

    Also, is Dave, Dirty D the Gloryhole girlz director?

  241. Shelby Post author

    of course, unless he was into me sucking off other guys.

    not sure who that is. i never heard of anyone calling dave Dirty D before.

  242. Shelby Post author

    i’d do that again. it was the first time i had that much cum on my face. the price depends on what the guy wants me to do.

  243. george

    i’ve sent dave an email about the possibility of having you do a gloryhole facial video as a bonus for his site, hopefully he agrees that it is a good idea – there is definitely an interest in it looking over the comments here

    i was thinking about the cost of you making another facial video – but i reckon it’d probably be out of my price range, so i think getting dave onboard would be the best option

  244. mhonferrer

    Hi , Shelby , how’s the days with your GH adventures goin on so far ? Looks lyk u did another visits to the GH that turns ur way with too many followers huh πŸ˜€ ..What was ur last visit that’s extremely goin off for the record u break for the lucky pervs for they find the hole and the whole story ?
    I think Dirty D, is another guy like Dave that holding too many GH Sluts as a host that runs the GH shows in some other GH booth.

  245. robert

    Hello Shelby,

    How can we get in touch with you since you do not have a email or twitter?

    Thank You Rob…

  246. Shelby Post author

    not sure. i would have gone last weekend but they gave us a hard time about being there so we go to the other place instead where they aren’t as strict.

  247. Anonymous

    Oh my ! ,,,you got ur #10,,,, πŸ˜€ and how many drops that counts that u got ur new record , and what amazing shot u said that it was really great ……. πŸ˜€
    Damn,, wishing I just poked my dick in there , and have a happy ending … πŸ˜€

  248. curious

    lets say you run into a fan on the street or at a bar somewhere. and things go good enough for him that you let him fuck you. does he wear a condom or no? im only asking because you said you only wear condoms at the gloryhole

  249. joe schmo

    wtf I thought you were going to be the release this week. Cant complain about a double release but only Paige, Alana, and Catherine are on your level.

  250. Shelby Post author

    hmmm, i don’t know. dave said the guys can vote on this week’s video. i hope i get picked because i haven’t seen it yet.

  251. Shelby Post author

    it depends on the guy and the situation. i’d rather not use a condom so i can feel the cum inside me.

  252. John

    Hi shelby

    Greetings from uk. Have posted before but been busy for while. Am finally coming to Phoenix for convention on 27.04.13. Any chance u at the glory hole that weekend. I would so want to top it off with a cock suck from you

  253. curious

    so then you PREFER creampies rather than cum on face or in mouth?
    Who are the other participants besides you that people can vote for? Im finally getting a membership to the site on monday

  254. kristoforus himawan

    hi shelby, did you get more tattoos done? love it, voting for you for next update!

  255. Shelby Post author

    i prefer cum in my mouth but in my pussy feels good to. i don’t know what other girls you can pick from, i haven’t logged in lately.

  256. you sucked my johnson shelby

    would you date a black guy? or is sex the only thing youd do with us?

  257. you sucked my johnson shelby

    you said earlier that youd be faithful and not have sex with another guy if you were to date. However, since you are into women, would you allow him to sleep with the girls you also sleep with?

  258. you sucked my johnson shelby

    Only asking because next time im there, if its you who sucks me off again, I might try exchanging numbers =)

  259. Shelby Post author

    i’m very sexually open minded so if i was dating a guy and he wanted me to fuck other guys or girls then i would. there aren’t too many things i would say no to πŸ™‚

  260. you sucked my johnson shelby

    are you willing to date? or are you still just doing the single thing for now? Or will you say the cliche line “well, if the right guy comes along…” lol

  261. Shelby Post author

    i don’t know hun, dave determines that. i just read the news and he’s letting members pick the next video. did you vote for me?

  262. wbboykins

    I want a person video like the one guy, please contact me with info price etc.., use the email from this post.

  263. Gloryhole Hustler Guy

    I have been in a few videos on the gloryholeswallow website and I am pretty sure I was in your 10th video, so I hope that Dave puts it up! I would love to go bareback with you at the gloryhole sometime, maybe next time πŸ˜‰ If you are interested in doing that. Don’t know if you get my email address, let me know. YOU ARE AWESOME!

  264. wbboykins

    You said a fan asked for a facial video and you would ask if you can post pics. I want a special video also.

  265. Shelby Post author

    thanks hun! i would probably recognize your cock πŸ™‚

    did you shoot a big load for me?

  266. Shelby Post author

    he requested a facial video so i sucked off a group of guys and let them cum all over my face. that was the first time for me and i loved it.

    dave has the video but he can’t show it on his site without permission from the guy.

    what kind of video did you want?

  267. george

    how much would another facial video with your face completely covered in cum be? if you’d rather not broadcast prices you can email me instead

  268. mark

    baby what about your next visit to the gloryhole? they didn’t put the video yet, I’ll subscribe when I see your video… πŸ˜‰ you’re awesome!

  269. Shelby Post author

    i don’t know hun, dave does that. i just looked on his news page and it looks like ashley got voted for the next video.

  270. wbboykins

    I want a vid with sex (missionary deep penetration) and a facial (big preferrably) but not like a traditional scene, I want you to make the guy cum fast (no slowing down to stop from cumming) I would also like too see you get a big mouthful (hold it in) then get a big facial, then talk about the experience with the cum still in your mouth. I WILL PAY! I would love to direct it but that’s not realistic. Email me what I need to do.

  271. need pussy

    whats a guy got to do, whos traveling to Phnx next week, who wants to fuck you babe? im a huge fan

  272. Aza

    Shelby, you are soo hot.
    Unfortunatly I live in Australia so I will never be able to have fun with you. But I would love to see more videos of you!!

  273. Aza

    And we would love to have you here πŸ˜‰ if I ever go back to the states ill be sure to give PHX a visit….

  274. be honest

    Be honest. Your doing amateur and did some minor porn flicks. Would you rate my dick of 7 inches length 8 inches girth with a curve; small, big, or average?\

  275. Robert

    Hello Shelby I am planning on going to mw on monday if you have free time and would like to have some fun let’s meet there. email me back.

  276. Rob


    I plan on going to mw between 11-1. If that’s a good time let me know or let me know what time you would like to go….

  277. Rob


    Was really slow today. I am thinking about going tomorrow between 10-12 if you can make it that would be great and it would make my day?

  278. Shelby Post author

    thats one thing i don’t like about that place. i dont want to sit there all day waiting for cocks.

  279. Aza

    So Shelby, how often do you actually go to a glory hole? And what’s the most amount of guys you have swallowed in a single visit?

  280. Shelby Post author

    it depends on the mood i’m in. i think the most i swallowed is 20 some loads.

  281. Aza

    Ha ha, maybe you just need more stamina:p in one video you did claim that you would be able to double the 17 load effort..

  282. Shelby Post author

    it’s really slow there and i get frustrated waiting. it kind of kills the mood

  283. RZ

    Hey Shelby, im coming to phoenix soon. You should email me your schedule and we can meet up. Keep me on the mailing list and maybe ill come back for seconds. Haha.

  284. RZ

    idk, to meet you? Im not a creeper or a stalker. Just a guy that just got outta lock-up so its been a real long time for me.

  285. james

    hey there… BIG fan of yours. I have joined GHS several times, off and on.

    I am trying to figure out where the site shoots there stuff at. well… actually… I just want a bj from a girl thru a gloryhole while I am in town.

    any chance you are going to be available at one before I leave? I am only visiting, and leaving Friday afternoon.

  286. Aza

    Hi Shelby, the pics you posted are great, you do look super hot with a face full of cum!! πŸ™‚ I maintain that you are THE sexiest girl on the Internet. And i do like that little red bra..
    How recent are the new pics?

  287. JS

    You are the sexiest thing out there Shelby. Would love to be in one of your shoots. When when when…….I am here in Phoenix also.

  288. ............

    Did that fan actually say you guys can show the video on the site? Im probably gng to join once i get back from school today. I love creampies and he uploaded someone taking 2 bareback creampies

  289. jk3

    Had a wet dream with you as the main character πŸ˜€ Sadly I woke up before anything happens D:

  290. sabrina

    hi Shelby!!! so 1st just want 2 say ur amazing. ur totally like my idol. so anyways I wanted 2 post on here n tell u that u def inspired me. luv watching ur videos n its always been a fantasy of mine 2 go and swallow lots of guys at a gloryhole. and tonight I think im going for the 1st time. super excited. maybe even break ur record πŸ˜‰ hehe.
    neways maybe I will post on here how it went. or u can email me n I will tell u. keep it up n luv ya!

  291. Desperately wants you pied

    Shelby you should consider doing a creampie unless you are exclusive to Dave and GHS. Im only suggesting it because you have many fans who want to see you creampied, and your not entirely down with going raw at the gloryhole right? So if you go to a place where your tested first that should work out right?

    Proxy Paige went to those guys before to, i think it was her only creampie. YOu have tons of guys dying to see you pied. Consider it at least for us =)

  292. JJ

    I just came across your videos. OMG you are freakin’ amazing. Thanks so much for being open and wild. It’s so refreshing and fun. You are the best.

  293. mhonferrer

    My goodness, what a nasty cumshots I’d ever seen ! When was that visit you had in your GH adventures you said it’s pretty fresh ? Looks like a party facial in the house ,,haha ! πŸ˜€ …wishing I was there to share my load to you Shelby..a load that really fresh too …! lol…. πŸ˜€

  294. brina

    hi Shelby. I just want 2 say ur videos r f-ing hot and u r so pretty. also u inspired me 2 finally going n trying a gloryhole. went 4 my 1st time Saturday nite n sucked off 16 guys πŸ™‚ not quite close 2 ur record but im happy hehe. ur def my idol πŸ˜€

  295. Shelby Post author

    i get pied all the time now, just not always with strangers but it does happen πŸ™‚

  296. Shelby Post author

    dave took me there and a few guys came into the booth at a time to cover me with cum. it was a new thing for me and now i’m into facial but there’s nothing better than the swallow

  297. John T

    Congrats on your new site. Hope it all goes well. Good to see a grass roots campaign in developing your following. I was in Phx in March and was hoping to catch you. Would love to have your attitude wrapped around me…
    Where can I find out where and when you go?

  298. Tomis

    Hi Shelby you swallow some time cum for man but for man when he not cuming more than 10 days. Sorry my english its little amatuer πŸ™ I hope you understand me

    Regards Tomis

  299. Toad

    Hi Hun. its so cool you taking time out to talk to your fans. You make this English man very happy and horny. My poor cock has been very busy since I found you. I think you are so exciting because you really enjoy doing what you do . And you do it so much better than anyone else. Love to you over 1000s of miles x

  300. Tomis

    mm omg!!! You realy swallow some cum when guys not cuming two week? Omg!!! I think that is big big load for you sweety mouth!!

  301. John T

    When and where for the next time? Id like to give you my hard one! Email me plz

  302. Stalker Guy

    So Shelby, any chance you (or Dave) can inform us of who Alana Allie and Catherine really are? Or at least their website or official twitter etc? In addition to finding your amateur videos (which was very hard btw) I want to see more of those ladies as well.

    I mean their real performer name like Lola on GHS is really Alexa Jaymes a pornstar. Gina is really Toni Bella etc. Knowing one or all three of those girls is much appreciated babe.

    Lastly, whats this new website you have out and does it include more videos of you fucking? If so I need to join it lol

  303. Shelby Post author

    i don’t know what you mean by “who they really are”. i don’t know if they have twitter but dave might know if you ask him.

  304. mgj

    hey shelby! big fan here and cant wait to see your new stuff! it’s awesome how interactive you are with everyone. do you like getting vids and stuff from your fans? if so that would be even more awesome hah. let me know, i got some stuff for ya

  305. mgj

    so how would one go about contacting you? or i guess you could just email me if interested.

  306. Huge Fan Shelby

    Shelby are you willing to send a video or two my way of you via email??? I promise it’ll never get leaked. Im just a huge fan of yours, and probably came to all your vids at least 3 times. Just want to see a new vid or two of you. Im sure a sexy woman like you has a few stashed away at home lol. Anyway its completely up to you. Huge fan of yours.

  307. brina

    hii Shelby. I totally missed that u replyed to my post. yes I had an amazing time. I went back again. not as many, only 11. but next time I think im gonna find out when they r busy n my goal is 30+ πŸ™‚

  308. Shelby Post author

    i use to have my email on here but was getting too many message and couldn’t keep up πŸ™

  309. Huge Fan Shelby

    we can trade if you would like shelby. I def wont post your email to anyone. My email is the one provided to submit a question if your really interested in someone jacking off to your personal collection =)

  310. Kevin

    are you back in town yet? its been almost a week since ive had a “release” i could use some of your services πŸ™‚

  311. mgj

    welllll in that case shoot me an email, not asking for anything in return i just wanna send you some stuff πŸ˜‰ no worries if not though, i know you’re prob cautious about putting your email out there.

  312. mhonferrer

    How bout my email, did u see it in here ? So,,, can i made a little request Shelby if u could send me sum sneak peak of ur’s latest GH adv…For I don’t see any of ur latest up to date sexxy adventures in Gloryholes ….U can email me if u have tym …!

  313. Luke

    Hey when u gonna make ur next visit I’m dying to meet u. Im 21 and hung.Just moved to tempe and googled modern world and u came up. Ur sexy as fuck.

  314. Shelby Post author

    i had my email on here before but i just couldn’t keep up with all the emails.

  315. Luke

    Yea I did but was hoping u would be on the other side lol
    Any thoughts on when u will go again?

  316. Huge Fan Shelby

    Shelby shoot me an email, I wont give it out, so you wont have to worry about not being able to keep up.

  317. Shelby Post author

    it wasn’t always to number of guys. sometimes it was only a few guys blowing up my email with 50 messages a day

  318. Shelby Post author

    yes, i lose interest quick if i have to sit there and watch guys come into the booth next to me and then leave. they must be there for the same reason i am hehe πŸ™‚

  319. Huge Fan Shelby

    you could block my email address after the video exchange. or send the videos from a fake email account

  320. Huge Fan Shelby

    that is true and i understand. as a fan im a cool guy (non stalker, im in ohio which is far as hell away) lol. Just wish I could see more videos of you getting fucked, cumming etc lol

  321. azn eggroll

    I can’t wait to get down there next time. I’m gonna ask to come in that booth and pound yo sexy mouth pussy with my asian eggroll, like a bic boi. I’m gonna feed you 2+ huge creamy sweet asian nut cuz I can bust 3 times in a row.

  322. GW Fan

    If seen a lot of your videos and would love to be a part of one. Do you visit MW every weekend? If so around what times are you there? Are there any requirements to participate? Your oral skills are unbelievable and I’d love to give you my loads!!

  323. Shelby Post author

    i don’t go every weekend, sometimes i go during the week. sometimes i go in with a fuck buddy so i have something to do while i’m waiting πŸ™‚

  324. GW Fan

    I don’t live in Az but i do visit there quiet a bit. If I let you know in advance can you be there the weekend I’m in town?

  325. rob

    I was talking to dave and mentioned taking you to a theater room and he said you would love to do that. Could he set that up are you down for that anytime in the next week?

  326. Damn

    Dave doesnt make you or the other women “audition” for him first? I thought you all had to perform on him first

  327. rob

    i was talking to dave too see if you were interested in going to a theater room and he said you would love to try that. Would you like to try that sometime in the next week?

  328. Shelby Post author

    he was telling me about that and he knew i’d be up for something new. i’ve been to a few places that had theaters but never fooled around in them. yet! hehe

  329. Damn

    Isnt that usually the way it goes in the porn world? That you ladies have to give a free “audition” before pay or something like that? Some pornstar a long time ago said thats how it was for her in the late 90s/turn of the century.

    If I was Dave, since hes banging Chica (his wife) youd be number 2 on my speed dial shelby. A white girl that can deepthroat a bbc is a keeper!!!

  330. Shelby Post author

    i’m not really sure how that works but it makes sense that the video guy would want to sample the goods first.

  331. Damn

    Have you had to give freebies to guys before your paid service when you did your amateur vids?

  332. Kevin

    I would love to fly to Phoenix just to have you make my dream come true. I would love to employ you for a private video just to be part of one of the gloryhole visits. I know you don’t escort but any chance you would model and be part of my fantasy if I flew to Phoenix?

  333. Shelby Post author

    i get asked this question a lot and i never know if it’s serious or just a case of blue ball. guys say lots of things when they’re horny hehe

  334. Mike

    Hey Shelby love your work I have had a crush on you sense ghh now ghs and had hoped I would one day meet ya. Well just broke up with girlfriend and hoped to find ya and see if your escorting or something. If this offends ya plz disregard but if there is a way plz let me know thanks

  335. Sierra

    Hey Shelby! So I lovee what u do. Its super hot and makes me want to try it/get into it. Just wondering… is it fine swallowing as much cum as u do at gloryholes? Or like do I need to work up for it? Also is it safe to go by myself? (I am female just fyi lol) Thanks πŸ™‚

  336. Shelby Post author

    sometimes too many loads makes me bloated but most of the time i’m fine. i don’t know if the ones where you live are safe or not. if i were you, i would go during the day to see.

  337. Sierra

    lol I think I can deal with a little bloated feeling. Im sill trying to find one near me but I have family in Mesa so im out there sometimes. Maybe one day I will get the courage to sneak away and go to the one you go to πŸ™‚
    BTW… is there anyway I can like talk to u like more privately? email or something? kk <3ya!

  338. Question

    Shelby, out of all the girls you’ve seen from the GHS site thus far. Which are your top 3? (You cannot pick yourself, and you cannot pick someone you went into the booth with like Rose etc)

  339. Shelby Post author

    hmmmm, tough one. i’d say claire, paige and jennifer. i liked the way jen squirmed as i made her cum.

  340. Question...again

    So ill be down in AZ next week for a job interview. Any chance at all I can get a bj or full service from my favorite internet vixen? lol

  341. Jimbo

    So, I finally went to M-Dub this morning, went into a booth, sat down for a minute, watched my show. Then I heard someone going into the booth next to me, pants were already down, didn’t look through to see who it was, but I stuck my junk in anyway. Finally, I got a gloryhole experience, even though the chick had a moustache, still what an adventure…

  342. Question...again

    Any chance I can live that fantasy of having you baby? I got here a few hours ago

  343. Dave

    Shelby, ive gone on Sat nite and nobody is there! When are you goin to be there? What are the best hours/days

  344. Rob

    My birthday is coming up in a few day’s any chance i can get you down to mw or a different gloryhole for a birthday surprise…..

  345. Finally

    your video is out….just have to wait a day or two before i get my hands on it. Cant wait to jack off to the queen of my dreams. I swear if you knew what I think about when I masterbate to you shelby youd get a restraining order just because of what id do to ya sexually lol

  346. Joe

    Hey, I was wondering if you would ever show me around Arizona, I’ve never been there, I’m from LA so it’s not that bad of a drive, and I would love to see you. Let me know?

  347. Shelby Post author

    “just have to wait a day or two to get my hands on it”? not sure what that means

  348. matt

    I live right down the street from modern world and I’d love to come down when your there. What’s the next date your gonna be down there?

  349. French admirateur

    Shelby you’re one of the reasons that make me want to cum to the US
    Not sure if I’d leave the country and return to France after a gloryhole session with you…

  350. Shelby Post author

    someone just told me that my video was found on a free site. is that what you meant by you had to wait a few days?

  351. Finally

    no. just got back from vacation. left cred card at home to not spend….therefore i needed to wait until i returned to join the site…

  352. Finally

    Its the internet. Anything media related becomes free eventually anyway. But those who become big stars still will make huge profits. Dave’s site is unique Gloryhole wise and will probably be profitable for a while. You, yourself have what it takes to be a main stream gal or a big time amateur like hotwiferio, wifeyworld, barb cummings etc if you choose to.

  353. Shelby Post author

    that was my idea. anytime i get in trouble with the cops they always make a big deal out of that tat. no sense of humor…

  354. Please for the love of....

    Get creampied already, multiple times. Hell tell dave youll do a creampie gangbang with guys you already know and trust and have him upload it as a special video……

    Your fans want to see you pied not once not twice but overflowing with multiple loads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  355. Dave

    Shelby, I love your videos! Would you consider accepting some gifts like clothes or shoes? Do you have a PO box or something like that where fans can send you gifts? I’d love to send you a thank you for doing what you do.

  356. Shelby Post author

    thanks for the thoughts dave. a few guys have sent me things before but just ur words are enough for me πŸ™‚

  357. Dave

    Any chance I could buy some of the clothes or shoes you have worn at the glory hole before? And let me know if you change your mind! I’d love to buy you some hot heels!

  358. Aza

    I like the new photo Shelby, I hope you did something real naughty to get such a stern talking to:)

  359. Shelby Post author

    i showed him me sucking cock on gh swallow and he started getting nicer πŸ™‚

  360. Please for the love of....

    Well get some guys to gangbang you, and creampie you afterwards and get Dave to film it…that alone will get him a couple hundred more subscribers. You should really consider it. Think about how many guys have asked to see that from you now? Instant money maker for you since its a gangbang, more cash for multiple creampies and more cash for Dave for producing it….then the fans win by having sore dicks cumming so much too it

  361. ghguy

    I guess I don’t know haha. I was just hoping you were. It would be fun to meet you. I know of at least one other site that films in Ohio. I thought maybe there was a slight chance you would be coming this way for a video shoot. And if not that there is always Cedar Point haha.

  362. Please for the love of....

    well cant you record a video of it and give it to dave, make your own site

  363. Hmm

    Especially you Alana and Claire…If i were Dave I would have came inside all three of you multiple times already lol

  364. joe

    Yea I just wanted to see what there is to do in arizona and possibly spend the day with you haha πŸ˜‰

  365. Shelby Post author

    i kind of already did one of those. i let a bunch of guy cum on my face at the gloryhole.

  366. Shelby Post author

    it wasn’t one on dave’s site, it was a special one i made for one of his members. dave put the pics up on his site but i don’t think the guy said he could use the video.

  367. Ghguy

    Would you and Dave be interested in doing another custom video but he can use it on his site this time?

  368. joe

    Can you also send me details shelby thanks! Oh and let me know when you’re back in arizona!

  369. Curious

    Curious. Out of the guys faces/bodies you actually get to see…how many of them do you think “if I wasn’t paid to do this I would never give you the time of day,” versus guys that you’d actually hook up with outside of there?

    And how many guys there have you actually exchanged numbers with?

  370. hmm

    i think he was saying that are there guys that you let fuck you or come into the booth with you that under normal circumstances (i.e, not paid) wouldnt fuck or suck the guy off. Some other pornstars admitted that if they werent paid half of the guys they fucked would not even get there number in the real world.

    Unless your the type that doesnt judge looks or just loves sex, regardless of the body size and or appearnace

  371. Shelby Post author

    i’m not sure because i never get to see the guys, just their cocks so i don’t know what they look like. it’s very dark there.

  372. hmm

    dont you see there faces somewhat when they come into the booth with you to fuck or cum on your face?

  373. JonD

    Hey first timer over here… haha. I love your work, caught it on xvideo and with the power of google I found you. I was wondering how I can be apart of it?

  374. Shelby Post author

    sometimes if the come into the booth with me. i’m not hung up on looks πŸ™‚

  375. JSK

    I dreamt of receiving a blowjob from you. Ahh……. Too bad that was dream πŸ™ Do you have a wallpaper for your fellow fans?

  376. want you now!!!

    shelby, next time im at MW if I were to toss you a some cash would you let me creampie you? youve sucked me off in the videos at GHS in 5 of your videos…and randomly fucked me once. God your so damn tight. insane head game and for the fellas reading this let me tell you her pussy is too goddamn tight. Ever since ive been wanting to cum inside you. ill definitely pay if thats what it takes to cum inside your tight pussy

  377. John H


    What does it take for:

    A guy to get your number?
    To take you on a date (not just for eventual sex but to seriously date you)
    A regular guy that isn’t Mr 6-pack abs to stand a chance with you

  378. JonD

    I live in Phx, I would like to be in your next GH session. Never done it before, a bit curious.

  379. Shelby fan

    alot of guys on here probably ask the same question but is it possible to meet you…Do a fan gloryhole?

  380. mike

    Hy Shelby, I just blew another load watching you suck on your 16th cock as you went for that record. It’s just so hot. Are you hoping to break your record again? I think you need to at least swallow 20 or 25 loads.

  381. Shelby Post author

    i’m coming back next week for some fun but don’t know when i’ll be at the gloryhole. sometimes it’s a spur of the moment thing for me.

  382. Kevin

    Hey Shelby. I love your videos and you totally fulfill a huge fantasy of mine. I’m coming to Phoenix the week of September 14th and would enjoy meeting up with you for a paid video. If you are going to be around and in the area, email me. I hope to hear from you soon.

  383. Mike

    Hi Shelby, how about a visit to MW about noonish today (Monday), its cloudy and kind of cool….. good day for you to be on your knees, naked at the glory hole.

  384. Doughboy79

    Hey whats up shelby. Your personality is fuckin dope. Anyway a fella can just chat with you?

  385. Shelby Post author

    mmmm, did someone say dope? is it 4:20 already? πŸ™‚

    we’re chatting now right? haha

  386. seriously

    ur video was awesome, but seriously tell dave to not allow the girls to fuck on camera if they are on their cycle. It was disgusting lol

  387. birthday boy

    I think he was referring to Sabrinas second visit… she fucks and you see tons of blood….tons of it.

    Its my bday, all I want from you is a creampie video lol

  388. @ birthday boy

    lolol sorry dude I think we all gave up on a creampie from Shelby long ago sorry man we’d love one but yeah lol

  389. military man

    How would you like a load from a military man? And what do you do if it takes an hour for me to cum?

  390. King

    Oh cool, I’ve seen a lot of your work but I was looking for more of Haley’s stuff on other sites and what not but I’m coming up empty, same with the recent girl Alexis, think you could point me in the right direction or if you know their full names that they go by?

  391. Tommy

    So how can one get a blowjob from you damn you have some skills. It was just my b-day that would make a awesome present me feeding you a load at MW

  392. Shelby Post author

    i haven’t been to mw in forever. we got asked to leave last time so i never went back. i did my best to bring in more customers for them but if they don’t want them i can give some other place the extra business πŸ™‚

  393. Ty

    King why would you ask Shelby about other girls? Have some respect, this is her site and we all know she is easily the star of Gloryhole Swallow so talk about her and not others please.

  394. Tommy

    So how would one get to feed you a nice load. What other locations do you go to beside MW since you don’t go there anymore. How a birthday boy in need out πŸ˜‰

  395. Tim

    Hey Shelby, I love all your videos. You’re beautiful. I was just curious what the DMIN tattoo across your knuckles means, if you don’t mind sharing it.

  396. Shelby Post author

    i go to a few places around the valley but we get hassled because they know what we’re up to so i can’t say where they are. on here anyway πŸ™‚

  397. Tim

    Haha thanks, I will keep that in mind πŸ˜‰ I always try to figure out the meaning when I see a tattoo that I don’t know the meaning of. Anway, you rock Shelby. I hope next time you do a video that you show more of your body. You have a great body, and great tits too, I wish you would show more of them in your video. Show those goods girl! πŸ˜‰

  398. Ronald

    Hey Shelby, how can we view your ‘Messy Facial’ video?

    Also, any plans on a 9th visit? πŸ™‚

    Have a great day!

  399. Shelby Post author

    dave has the facial video so you’ll have to ask him hun.

    i already did my 9th and 10th. i thought my 9th was up already?

  400. huh..

    Does Dave tell you about his wife being a porn star? If I’m..correct I think Dave stars in all of Chica’s Place’s videos. You can really hear the similar voice and film editing. Plus Chica also lives in Phoenix, AZ. Dave must have the strongest will power to not get freaky with the gloryhole girls but I wouldn’t be surprised, it fuels his videos with Chica.

  401. Shelby Post author

    oh ya, we talk about alot of things including that. dave is a great guy and one of my best friends. i’m sure he gets lots of attention…hehe

  402. uh...

    So uh Im posting this here since you actually know Dave. I think you should mention he needs to put up a disclaimer about menstrual fucking. That video kind of just killed off everything for me and im sure others would agree that a disclaimer should have come with that =/

  403. Bigfan

    You are on a whole other level of cock sucker when you do it with your hair down. Don’t like being a guy’s personal cock sucker?

  404. js

    Hi shelby,
    Contact me or put me in touch with the person that decides where and when and I will be there. You are so hot! I would love to show you what triple the amount of an average guy looks like!

  405. sean

    august 12. were you in the booth? i blew my load after some phenomenal sucking. was that your 9th or 10th visit?

  406. James

    Hey, I’d love to fly you out to Minneapolis for a week or two in late November! Huge fan, let’s party! I’ll show you a good time out here.

  407. Jax

    Hey Shelby I stumbled on to the gloryhole website and seeing a few of your videos. I can’t help but be attracted to your willingness to give pleasure and receive pleasure all while having a great time. I’d definitly like to meet up with you one day and have some uninhibited fun. I know modern world and never knew this went on there. Wow anyway you’re amazing and hope to hear back from you.

  408. desperate

    creampie creampie creampie when will you give us one babe? At the next gloryhole visit perhaps? That’s 1/2 things we need to see from you to be complete. A gloryhole creampie and video footage of you taking a facial at the gloryhole. YOur the queen of gh now, gives us peasants what we want babe…please =)

  409. Shelby Post author

    i wish i could show you everyone my facial video but i don’t have it. dave keeps all that stuff.

  410. S Delong

    Hi Shelby. I was unsure how to get a hold of you about filming. Please email me back as soon as possible. I am from Cali and am coming out to AZ next weekend…need some female talent. I’ll refrain from posting the details but please email me so we can connect and I can get you some more information!

  411. Paoloventixxx

    Shelby I was a pair if weeks ago in the shoot oh glory hole swallow I would like to know where contact you to talk about a work

  412. yo

    question and please take no offense lol

    Are any of the girls on the site escorts? Or are they all (excluding the few pornstars) just amatuers only? You included.

    interested because i had bjs from you paige Alana Claire and Catherine/allie duo and would love to fuck one on one since im in phx

  413. Tipsy McBigDick

    Shelby, thank you so VERY much for the GH in Tempe…. I was the second to last guy to go and you did a FANTASTIC JOB!! in the blue green polo when you came out…

    I was in the nearest to the door booth and you passed me off to your friend before I popped… what felt like a gallon!

    I also live in Scottsdale (Old Town) and get a fanatic urge to eat steak and drink beer (or Vodka.. I know you love, love, love the Vodka)… thoughts?

  414. Tipsy McBigDick

    LOL, and you certainly do!!

    I meant that as an open invite to grab a cold bev and get some food, some time when you are free ( big fan of the steakhouse at the Phoenician!) and I plan on going out after the ASU vs WI game, or tomorrow watching some NFL…

    Interested? Email me if you like and I can send you a pic of who the heck I am..

  415. DirtyOldDirk

    You are just the hottest woman. I am a big fan of your gloryhole scenes. Just wondering. How do you feel about watersports?

  416. stan

    hi Shelby,

    Is there any way that I can buy sexy pics of you? Or additional videos not listed on gloryhole swallow. I would like to make a purchase

  417. james thomas

    Hi Shelby,

    My I purchase pics of you being sexy or videos that are not listed on gloryhole swallow? I am very interested in seeing more of your videos / pics you are very talented. Just let me know how & I will make a purchase. Thanks

  418. Shelby Post author

    i have sold custom videos before like the facial one i made at the gloryhole. that was a messy one. what did you have in mind for a video?

  419. Some Random Guy

    Hey, be honest. What is the size (both length and girth) of a penis that you consider small, average, and big?

    ex. 2-4 small 5-6 avg 7+ big (length)

    3-4 small 5-7 avg 8+ big (girth)

    Im sure we all want to know the measurements from a lady with vast experience in the sex industry =) again be honest.

  420. james thomas

    Thanks Shelby for the reply.

    Nothing special I just want to see more of your work. I have seen the gloryhole swallow videos. I just want to purchase pics of you in different sexy clothing, etc. Or purchase other videos you have made. Just tell how / where can I make the purchase & I’ll surely do it. Thanks

    Your Fan,


  421. james thomas

    Hi Shelby,

    I just had a great idea. Are you a cam model / performer of a site that I can subscribe to? This way I can view some of your cam videos & pictures. Again, you are very beautiful & talented. I would like to see more of your work. I do not have a special video request. Just want to see more of your talents & you being sexy. Just let me know how. Please note, that I am a current member of gloryhole swallow & have viewed all of your movies there.

  422. newby

    does it make you horny knowing 1000’s of guys get off thinking about cumming in your mouth, how often do you pleasure yourself and what do you fantasise about when doing it?

  423. newby

    How often do you pleasure yourself? Everytime you reply i get a hard one being able to talk to a girl i have jerked off to for years the amount of cum i hav spilt for you is crazy i would go crazy just to see you swallow a drop of my cum

  424. Scott

    Shelby, a few reasons why we men are “hung” up on dick size:
    Women always say “size doesn’t matter”, but if / when they can choose, they ALWAYS choose the big dick.
    Guy + big dig = alpha male
    Guys in porn have big dicks and we watch a lot of porn, and we all want to be porn stars…

  425. newby

    Would i be able to get a pic of you masturbating it would keep me happy for ages i would jerk to it all the time

  426. newby

    Have you had guys cum inside your ass before because you have the sexiest ass i would love to go balls deep inside you, although i bet i would cum so fast since its my biggest fantasy to fuck you

  427. Shelby Post author

    it depends on my mood. i have fucked complete strangers and didn’t even know their names but i feel more comfortable knowing the guy before he cums in me. i’ll blow anyone off the street πŸ™‚

  428. excited

    got a job in phx area. moving there in nov. What are the odds I can have my fave star swallow my cum at my place? =)

  429. florian

    Shelby Ive been checking out your work and you are sooooo dam sexy!!
    I would LOVE to have you suck my cum out!!!! yuum
    how do I get on this?? haha
    where do I need to show up for this to happen?? you at modern world?? or??
    private glory hole???

    also.. if it interests you at all… I do photography for a living… I would love to help with vids, or pictures if you are interested?? I do some pretty amazing work if you get glammed out!!! haha but really that would be amazing…
    or even just super amazing HD pics of my cock in your mouth as I have collection and really take the time and detail in lighting them well and having them look extremely professional… its a weird thing I have.. haha

    email me back and we can talk about what I can help with.


  430. Shelby Post author

    lol, no. it just depends on the situation. i don’t walk down the street asking guys if they want their dicks sucked. i have done that before but it’s not an every day thing for me

  431. Shelby Post author

    i go to mw once in awhile. i got kicked out last time i was there because some guy complained that dave showed his face in a video. i dont know much about what happened because my job was to suck the cocks πŸ™‚

  432. Tipsy McBigDick

    I have a female friend that is interested in doing some shoots… she is very nervous; and I would like to have her get in touch with you… what is the best way?

  433. TipsyMcBigDick

    She lives in Tempe; is cute; 5’2″, and perma-horny…

    I can get you her info; rather not post it on here. Email me?

  434. florian

    How can I can I get the tip you are heading into modern world next???
    and what are your thoughts about professional photos? I have studio in south Scottsdale you can visit anytime.
    doesn’t have to be bj pics… lol I was thinking..
    just glammed out sexy photos featuring you and your beauty!!

  435. newby

    no I didn’t mean just walk down the street asking guys if they want to be sucked off, I meant like if there is a guy you are going to blow will you just do it anywhere like in a car, alleyway, movie threater

  436. florian

    hahaha not exactly.
    I meant in my home in south Scottsdale
    I have a rather large portioned room dedicated to my photography.
    as well as a pool and a good sized yard for different sets I build from time to time…..
    shooting location or set would all just depend on if you were interested in shooting and what type of shooting you’d like….
    mild- wild … playboy-hustler … r-xxx you get the point.

  437. florian

    I can send you links to my mayhem… but you may need an account…

    email me and Ill give you the password to my nude section on my site.

  438. TipsyMcBigDick

    Shelby, saw you on a GH tweet and it made me want stop right there and jerk off on the spot. But I thought you might be thirsty in Scottsdale…, are you?

    8″ and 4 days of thinking…,

  439. Question????????

    I pay you 1500.00, we both provide papers saying we’re STD free. I creampie you over and over and over and over again in all 3 of your holes for the night. I record this. Deal or No Deal? (In Howie’s Voice lol)

  440. Any Chance

    ….of you doing at least one creampie video? Or having Dave post your creampie fuck as a bonus?

    He posted other bonus vids of a girl just masterbating before so….

  441. Any Chance

    Also, how about at your next gloryhole visit, assuming you do it again, let a couple guys cum on your face so we can see you taking facials in a video?

  442. Question??????

    On top is the best. Why? Because when the guy is on top he controls how deep the creampie is. In my case all 8.5 inches length and 8 inches girth goes balls deep. Lets meet a tonight then? I live in Tempe…

  443. Tipsy McBigDick

    Shelby, would you (not so very formally) like to get something to eat and drink in Scottsdale? I live in Old Town… Maybe food at Zipp’s, then drinks at Shotgun Betties?

    And did the pink hair girl (Sam) ever get in touch?

  444. pfft...

    since we are making offers now. Ill pay for your plane ticket out here to ohio. We go out and hang out for the night, then fuck all night and day long until I take you back to the airport 4k richer, with a pussy still full of my cum and belly full of my cum. Ill record it so you can all see Ms Caldera take a BBC creampie, and in her ass.

    What do you say Ms Caldera? BBC, and 4k?

  445. so if....

    I were to get you something off of your amazon wishlist. Can the first thing you record with that webcam of yours be me fucking you babe?

  446. Ok Shelby....

    if you really WANT to give us what we want which is video of you taking a creampie and facial…. you can easily go to the gloryhole and before you suck dicks have a guy you know fuck you and pop inside you show the camera, then start swallowing. As for the facial you can easily have a guy go in the both and unload on your face, or when he knocks, aim his dick on your face.

    So the question is do you WANT to give us that video?

  447. Shelby Post author

    it depends on my mood but at least once a day. i’m not a fan of having a huge cock in my ass but i do like a toy or fingers while i’m being fucked.

  448. Pfft...

    So we have a deal then? I pay 4k, and get to creampie you, fuck your ass, cum on your face etc etc and record it?

  449. Pfft...

    Also, I think dave would say yes to that one guys request about if you really wanted to give us a creampie & facial vid….although I don’t neeed to see a video if im flying you out to ohio for fun

  450. TipsyMcBigDick

    As for Zipp’s or any other Old Town; I am off around 4 or 5 on Thursday; and on call on Friday. Do you live down here in Old Town?

    I work just shy of 80 hours a week; so I would love a plan in place!

    Email me when you get an idea of what works for you

  451. HugeDong

    I must say, I like what the one guy asked. He provided a way for us to get the one creampie and one facial we’ve all been dying for. But you didn’t answer, are you willing to give us, your fans, that video?

    Im pretty sure Dave will be all for it. I mean he can edit your initial fuck in the booth for the creampie with your friend to like 3-5 minutes. And you have absolute control over the facial so….are you willing to do it for us?

  452. TipsyMcBigDick

    Oh hll, skip the streets! Kinda spaced on where I was posting this!

    Every Zipp’s in AZ would gain some business from all these guys tho!

  453. Shelby Post author

    i’m up for just about anything but i have to talk to dave to see if he’s okay with it.

  454. TipsyMcBigDick

    So Zipp’s? What are your thoughts on when to go? Would you like me to email you ?

    Thanks, you rock! Tipsy

  455. Shelby Post author

    i’m going to party out of town with a bunch of my hot friends this weekend. it’s going to be a fuck-fest πŸ™‚

  456. TipsyMcBigDick

    Shelby, I just realized you had a boyfriend; and I have been bugging you to hang out.

    I apologize and will stop bugging you.

    I may sound like a Boy Scout (I was an Eagle) or an old school military type (8.5 years in the Marines.), but I would hate to jam up what you have going on.

    You are fantastically interesting and incredibly attractive. I can only hope to meet you outside a booth in Arizona some day. If you ever want to meet in the future;

    BTW, Zipp’s is a ton of fun

  457. TipsyMcBigDick

    Score one for the good guys! I guess when you get back; maybe Wednesday get a drink with me?

  458. Savory

    Another thing, add me to the list of peeps that want to see you take a creampie at the gloryhole. Nothing would be hotter than seeing a huge slimy load of cum dripping from your tight pink pussy πŸ˜‰

  459. hahahahajjdjdjd

    why wont you go mainstream porn? a girl like you who already has a nice fan base would become bigtime. Maybe even worth 7 figures. A couple girls went mainstream (since 2011) and after doing porn for just one year became millionaires, then they quit. If you followed suit, youd be financially stable…

  460. TipsyMcBigDick

    Shelby, if you are up this morning; I am headed to the new place Cold Beer and Cheeseburgers; will be in a Packers shirt…

  461. Shelby Post author

    hmmm, i can’t really see “millions”. i use to dance at a few clubs and all the girls would say they made $2k a night but in reality it’s more like $200.

  462. Shelby Post author

    i don’t really list that info on here but if you search around i’m sure you can find the ones i’ve been in