Glory Glory!

I think I’m going back to the Gloryhole in a few weeks…can’t wait!Β  I need a fresh dose of protein πŸ™‚

Other than that there’s not much new going on, just having fun and trying to stay cool.Β  Have you guys seen the dust storms we’ve been having here lately?

550 thoughts on “Glory Glory!

  1. Redheadbiker

    I was just in Phoneix two weeks ago. Wish I could have came by the glory hole and been the one of the lucky guys that get to fuck you.

    What makes you pick which guys you fuck and opposed to just milking there big cocks?

  2. Shelby Post author

    sorry i missed you RHB! when i see a nice cock that i want to fuck i just tell the guy and do it.

  3. Redheadbiker

    Would love to give you a pounding the next time I’m in Phoenix. Might just have to make that happen eh?

  4. Shelby Post author

    let me know when you’re in town and maybe we can meet up at the gloryhole.

  5. Typhoon

    Hi Shelby,

    Glad to hear you’re doing well; looking forward to your return from your ‘sabbatical'(!). Haven’t been to the Phoenix metro this year so far; in OK going to IL at the moment. Will be in STL friday and back to Texas on saturday. Keep us informed of your more interesting musings!


  6. Shelby Post author

    i’m ecxited about going back! i was going to make a visit on sunday but something came up and i couldn’t go so a new girl went in my place. i’m looking forward to trying out some new locations πŸ™‚

  7. Tom

    I saw an internet vid of the dust storms, Wow that must have sucked. Question? can you tell us who tall you are? it’s hard to tell from your videos. I’ve got some friends in the Phoenix area and I’m trying to think of an excuse to fly out there by myself an visit them so I can be in one of your videos.

  8. Mark

    Where do I go in Pheonix? I will be there next month and would love to be in a video with you. Also, do you ever fuck or just suck?

  9. Shelby Post author

    you’ll have to contact Dave with Gloryhole Hustlers for details about each gloryhole adventure πŸ™‚

  10. Shelby Post author

    you’ll have to talk to dave about that, he’s the one that invites the guys, i just take care of them when they get there πŸ™‚

  11. Shelby Post author

    i want to go back very soon. i’d go every week if it was up to me but i understand that dave has to take new girls to keep members happy πŸ™‚

  12. Tom

    Shelby, I watched the first live GHH show Sunday and it sucked that you weren’t there πŸ™ . Kayla was cute, in to it and did an awsome show but you are smokin hot and supper inthuseastic when you go so I wish you would have been the first to do a live show.

    To be honest I didn’t quite believe that you and the other girls were running out of guys as Dave would post, Kayla’s show made me a believer. I hope you get to go back soon because the whole running out of guys thing just does not show in your edited clips. For now I can only imagine how smokin hot a live GHH show starring you would be.

    P.S. every time Dave posts a poll on GHH like : what girl would you like to see next or who’s your favorite girl, I always vote Shelby.

  13. Shelby Post author

    i didn’t get to see the live show but i heard it was a good one! i was talking to Kayla later that day and she said she didn’t know how many guys were there but she swallowed a lot of cum.

    i try to stay until all the guys are serviced but i only stick around for about 3 hours. i think the videos are edited so they aren’t too long which would take too long for people to download them.

    thanks for voting for me! i’ll be doing a visit very soon and i hope we can do a live show!

  14. Tom

    Hey Babe,
    It makes me sad that you have needed to wait up to three 3 hours to get the GH fun that you did with the few guys that showed up in most of your visits. I understand Dave’s editing and he did a nice job trying to convey that you were being denied all the fun you were looking for.
    It makes me happy that you’ll be doing a visit very soon. Dave posted that all new shoots will be live. I’m guessing that his posts about one of the new Girls breaking the loads swallowed record has somthing to do with you, and you’ll be back to reset it.
    Trust me your the best GH Babe ever (in my humble opinion) You go Girl.

  15. Shelby Post author

    i went to the gloryhole today to help Payton because i knew there was going be a lot of guys showing up. i think she said she got 19 cumshots. i helped with a few and we did some cum kissing which was very hot! some guy with a huge cock fucked her and everyone outside the booth could hear her moaning.

  16. Tom

    Wow that’s Awesome and Payton was up to 7 when the GHH live show timed out after 30 min and never came back. O well, I’ll just have to wait for the clips.

  17. Shelby Post author

    i haven’t seen the video but she said she swallowed 14 loads! i love her and wish i was there to help her!

  18. A Man of Constant Sorrow

    Holy fuck Shelby, you’ve gone two weeks in to row (FUCK YEAH!!) LOL.
    I checked out the first Payton clip from the 27th and she referred to a cum swallow as an alternative to an energy shot an coined the new term (protein shot) fuck that’s hot and you joined in on the fun!!! WOW. I can’t wait to see the clip were you joined the fun with Payton.

    When I looked at your site tonight I was going to suggest that it would be nice to see your pussy eating skills (you mentioned them in one of your visits) BUT FUCK you tweeted (Met a new girl at the glory hole today. Her pussy tasted so good) FUCK FUCK FUCK YEAH!!!!!! Holy fucking shit! your way ahead of my idea of a hot clip.

    I sincerely hope you get to triple your previous solo protein shot record of 17 (you mentioned in a clip) which would be 51 cum swallows now that Dave has a growing list of guys that show up for a shoot.

    I posted (A Man of Constant Sorrow) because I was really buzzen after a hurricane party last week (dust storms maybe they are not so bad) and I’m like 2,200 miles away from helping feed you and the GHH Babe’s, so yeah Constant Sorrow that I can’t just sneak out for an hour or two to help out.


  19. Shelby Post author

    that was so hot yesterday! we shared a few cumshots together and i loved playing with her pussy while she sucked guys off. after we finished all the guys at the gloryhole we went back to my place and kept partying. her pussy is delicious and she made me cum 3 times! i was so horny from the gloryhole that came really fast the first two times. she teased me a lot for the third one but i came right away when she stuck a finger in my ass while sucking on my clit. she is so freak’n hot!

  20. Shelby Post author

    ya, i think the shows are set to about 30 mins each. how did it look? was it clear? i’m usually hanging around the gloryhole so i haven’t seen a live one yet.

  21. Tom

    The three shows that GHH did so far looked awesome, the frame rate is of course slower then a downloaded clip but it’s still very good. The last two shows the GHH live show went offline after about 30 minutes which sucked because that was before you joined in the fun. You of course are my absolute favorite although the new girl was smoking hot too. I have a sneaking suspicion that the new girl Maryjane (LOL 420) is your girlfriend that you sometimes refer to in your cilps.

    Are you going to do a solo GHH cum swallow record attempt any time soon?

  22. Shelby Post author

    no, i just met maryjane but i think we’re going to be good friends. i think i might be tied with payton right now but i’m sure i can beat that and get over 20 cumshots.

  23. Mack Johns

    How does your tummy feel after swallowing all those loads Shelby? I hear some women throw up after doing that Bukkake- Gokkun stuff

  24. Mack Johns

    Shelby, I used to think Naughty Alysha was the Gloryhole Queen But that changed after watching GHH and finding you. The thing is she cops out. She doesn’t swallow. And you do… BIG TIME. The swallowing’s the key. That’s what makes the Gloryhole really rock. I know some of the other GHH girls swallow, but for sheer volume and enthusiasm I have to pick you. Hands down. You are now imo the reigning Gloryhole Queen

    Don’t get me wrong I like the other girls too I like Payton Amber Eva and Savannah, all great swallowers, all fun to watch. Maybe they’ll catch up to you if they start doing more shows πŸ™‚

  25. Shelby Post author

    i don’t think i know her but i’ll google her. i can swallow a lot of cum and there usually isn’t enough guys at the glory hole to fill me. i had a lot of fun with Maryjane last weekend! i haven’t seen the video yet but i bet it’s hot!

  26. Mack Johns

    Shelby why don’t you do a show where you set out from the beginning to set a record for loads swallowed. Get a whole bunch of guys to show up and just do it. Set the bar high, 30+ at least. Then we’ll go tell all our friends and you’ll be famous πŸ™‚

  27. Shelby Post author

    wow, 30+ swallows would be something! i’d love to try that. i’m down with it as long as 30+ guys showed up πŸ™‚

  28. Tom

    Hey Shelby,
    Dave posted that Maryjane is going back to the GH this Saturday so I’m hoping you (my absolute favorite) are going too. You posted that you and Maryjane went back to your place after her first shoot and had a lot of fun (thanks for posting that BTW) and that you two on your way to be coming good friends.

    So here’s my idea, you two get together, call Dave and tell him that you two want to do the entire shoot together and share every cock and every load. Now how could he possibly say no to that? If you two (the two hottest GHH babes) did that then it would be the hottest GH shoot EVER!!!

    I’m sure that you’ll have the biggest turn out of guys ever if Dave emails the members on his list that two hottest girls will be milking them together this time.

    Please let us all know if you like this idea and if you two will do it this Saturday.

  29. Shelby Post author

    great idea! i’m not sure if i can stay for the entire time but i definitely want to stop by for a few. she is so hot and got me soaking wet last time we shared a few cocks at the glory hole.

  30. -Tom-

    Shelby have you seen the Photo of new girl Taylor that that Dave posted on twitter? Here’s a link to it Damn she’s hot and she looks like the type of girl you like (HOT HOT HOT) I just hope she’s Bisexual and you two are into each other and Dave gets some of the fun on cam.

    It looks like she’s going to the GH this Saturday, Please let us know if you think she’s hot and if you plan on going too.


  31. Typhoon

    Hi Shelby,

    Would love to see if you or any of the gals Dave has found to date could handle this guy. Never mind ‘showing us the cum’ (looks ridiculous IMO); just try to swallow his whole load without spilling any!!!


  32. Mack Johns

    Looking forward to you in Part III of Maryjane’s trip to the Gloryhole Shelby πŸ™‚

    Is Dave posting that one soon?

  33. Shelby Post author

    i’m not going to miss this one either and she will definitely swallow…if i have to feed the cum to her from my mouth πŸ™‚

  34. Shelby Post author

    is that natural or is he taking some kind of experimental drug that makes him produce that much cum? i think i could handle his load!

  35. Jake

    Wow, I have never even heard of you until today Shelly. My, have I been missing out. I’m in Ocotillo, so hopefully I will see you at your next shindig. Not sure how I go about this, to know though. Feel free to email me, if you would like.

  36. Typhoon

    Hi Shelby,

    I did some further reading and came across a probable cause. The huge ejaculation referenced was most likely NOT a semen ejaculation from the prostate gland at all but rather the expelling of a seminal appearing fluid that was directly injected into the urinary bladder through the uretha – just like a doctor does when checking the area. Still interesting but not ‘erotic material’. Men wishing they could ejaculate like a horse…timeless!

    is that natural or is he taking some kind of experimental drug that makes him produce that much cum? i think i could handle his load!

  37. Tom

    Shelby did you meet the new girl Taylor at the GH? and did you two hit it off?
    I watched her live and wow she was really in to it for the 30 min that was shown live.

  38. Shelby Post author

    yes, i was there but in another booth. she looked great and i could hear her moaning so she must have found a few big cocks.

  39. Tom

    What was the inspiration for your (Fuck the Police Tattoo)? Was it just Rap Music or did the cop’s actually bust you for something?

  40. -Tom-

    Hey Baby, I know from your tweets and website that you’ve been going to GH a lot lately, my question is have any of your visits been videoed since Maryjane’s first visit.

    You appeared very briefly at the end of Payton’s and Maryjane’s latest video’s that Dave posted on GHH. I just love you technique and how much you love it, that’s what makes you video’s so hot!!


  41. Shelby Post author

    yes, i’ve been in a few videos that haven’t been released yet but they will be coming soon on GHH. i’m going again this saturday to a few loads with Taylor πŸ™‚

  42. Shelby Post author

    i’m also going to be doing a solo visit soon. the new place has better gloryholes that make it easier for sex.

  43. Shelby Post author

    i think the record right now is 19 but i’m not 100% sure on that. i’m sure i can top that…i’m ready to swallow!

  44. Shelby Post author

    hmmm, good question! they are all great but i would say the first one because i was nervous and excited at the same time. i never did anything like that before so i didn’t know what to expect and that really turned me on.

  45. Kyle

    Just WOW… You are absolutley Stunning, Everything about you and the way you Work your magic.
    If i only i could be there to witness you First hand.
    Your Beautiful

  46. Shelby Post author

    i was working some magic today at the gloryhole! i got to play with cocks and pussies πŸ™‚

  47. Typhoon

    I second what Tom states on 10/7: You go girl! Wishing I was there to donate my ‘man milk’!


  48. Angel


    As much as I love watching you suck & fuck anonymous cocks, would you ever consider or have you ever been in a gangbang? I personally would love to watch you get rammed by multiple cocks (especially if one of those cocks was mine) πŸ˜‰

    Just some food for thought, I think many of us would love to see that πŸ˜‰


  49. Shelby Post author

    i’m up for that but i don’t know where i’d put the video. dave wants to shoot some stuff like that for my site when it’s ready.

  50. Shelby Post author

    oh ya, and it’s all on video. i was licking Taylor’s pussy on saturday and then i took my friend to the gloryhole later that day and licked her pussy.

  51. Wildguy

    Shelby I’m sure I speak for a lot of guys when I say…you’re freggin awesome!
    I’d love to see you in a gangbang if you’d be up for it… love to participate in that too!
    Just wondered how’s your website going, and did you get your laptop yet?

  52. Shelby Post author

    oooooh, a gangbang would be fun. that’s something i never tried before but i’m down!

  53. Wildguy

    So you’re down with the GB eh? Alright! Would you do that on camera with say, 20 guys? πŸ™‚
    btw, are you into DP? And what would you do on camera?

  54. Shelby Post author

    oh ya, i’d be up for something like that! i would try DP if the mood struck me. it would have to be at a hotel or something because the gloryhole place we go to has a theater but they don’t allow cameras.

  55. Wildguy

    20+ in a hotel room… might get a little crowded? I guess it depends… There could be a line out the door though, huh? lol… Maybe in some parts of town that wouldn’t be suspicious… I’d be worried about bedbugs though…how about renting a ten-by-ten storage unit and putting a little massage table in there? lol… Could rent two, right next to each other, then drill a hole in the wall between them..
    Lol hafta rent a big unit with climate control and a bathroom/shower… or maybe rent a party hall… that’d work great… or rent an entire bar/nightclub…. there you go! Like those crazy Czech Euromax vids… If you’re gonna do it, may as well go all out, fuck it, right?

  56. Tom

    Damn Girl, All us Shelby fans (most of us are perverts with a wife or girlfriend that’s not fulfilling all are needs) love you for the slut that you love to be But please do not let you last video be a (snuff video) where you get tortured and killed because you’re wide open to that sick fucking shit with this website, being willing to meet anyone for sex.

    Trust me that sick fucking shit is out there on the net because it’s sometimes posted on the extreme video sites.

  57. Wildguy

    Really? Well let us know the where and when then babe.. πŸ˜‰

    So how would you like to see ‘something like that’ go down anyway? I’m sure you’ve seen vids… how would you direct the action for your event?

  58. Angel

    If you’re willing for us fans to participate, I would hope to know ahead of time – that way I can get a plane ticket & fly in from Detroit. Would that be ok with you? πŸ˜‰

  59. Wildguy

    ‘just have fun with it?’ Lmao… 19 guys and you and ??? fluffer girls? At least one camera man… (or I guess the guys could just pass the camera around?) in a hotel room for a free-for-all gangbang…lmao… you go girl… Shelby babe you have to have some kind of idea of what you would want to happen, right? The question is, what do YOU want to get out of it? Loads and loads and loads, right? I’m sure that would be no problem.

    IMO you’d have to have all the guys STD tested and get model release forms and 2257 info from each… (you’d have to get that stuff anyway if you were going to post vids and be all legal) and that would cut down on the “crazies” and the one’s that might want to abuse you and make a ‘snuff’ video.
    Wouldn’t hurt to have at least one hired security person… I mean like a night club bouncer type dude, just in case. Or I suppose you could pack heat under your pillow so-to-say…lmao… (That’d be a ‘reverse’ snuff vid. What a plot twist!)
    And/or have a friend there, phone in hand, gun in purse… (or would that be the other way around?)

    I apologize for writing these long comments.
    If you want, check out my xhamster profile sometime and look at the gangbang vids there, and let me know which one, if any, you really liked.


  60. mk

    Hi Shelby, I just saw some of your clips and holy hell do you fuckin turn me on…. i seriously need to be in PHX with you working on this hard fucking dick.. totally speechless, i just want you bad. Keep up the good work baby. I’ve gotta go jack on somethin..

  61. Zip

    I actually have a somewhat naive and ignorant question. I bought a subscription to GHH (fucking great btw); Something struck me as fascinating, you and the other girls let the guy cum in your mouths so why must the guy wear a condom in order to have sex with you (and the other girls)? Again please forgive my ignorance in the subject matter.

    I honestly don’t know how “real” GHH is and if those are in fact just random guys (one does assume like most porn it is indeed fake or fake to an extent; doesn’t really matter because the presented “illusion” is very well done anyway). I assume that you make the guys get STD tests (again I honestly don’t know the reality of what is truly behind the curtain) and of course if you are on the pill pregnancy statistically is a non issue.

    So is the condom use just to enhance the “illusion” or are there health and safety concerns that I am naively overlooking?

    Could it be from a mental point of view that allowing someone to cum in your mouth is different then letting someone cum inside you? It is more “personal” in a way? I of course understand that a blowjob and sex are two very different things but as a male it of course is different both physiologically and mentally (Males put something in something which is a very natural dominant act, while Females let something be put inside of them which is a very natural submissive act and is physiologically approached very differently) how I approach the subject and of course what each individual is ultimately comfortable with plays a huge roll as well.

    Or could it simply just be a cost issue that one gets paid x amount per video and how much is determined by the acts involved in said video?

    Again I apologize for my ignorance and I apologize if I have over stepped or have made you feel uncomfortable with any of my questions or seemed to have a very cold inconsiderate disconnect but I am intrigued from the female and your own personal perspective about this.

    Thank you for your time.

  62. Shelby Post author

    i think it’s just a common practice to wear condoms at the glory hole to protect both guys and girls. i personally don’t like condoms but i’m not on the pill so….

    i know some girls have had sex without condoms like Eva in her latest video. it’s an individual thing for each girl i guess. most guys are married or have g/f’s so i’m sure they want to go home clean. most guys that go there know dave takes new girls each weekend so some of the same guys show up a lot. i recognize some of the same cocks each time i go. it’s fun but i like sucking on new cocks once in awhile.

  63. Max

    Hey Shelby. Looked at your tweets and just wondered what toys you picked up at Fascinations.

    You liked your first time at the glory hole best? yeah that video up on slutload is kind of funny because you look like you’re trying not to crack up in some parts of it.

  64. Shelby Post author

    i bought a new vibrator and i love it. i was excited about being there and loved making the guys cum fast.

  65. Tom

    I stumbled upon you first adult video, a casting call thing? The guy uses the motto: (however I’m not a talent agent… and there is no modeling job) fuck I hope you did not get ripped off at the start of your adult video carrier!!!

    Your first adult video was hot, 32 D Tits, I hope you still don’t hate your boobs because they are fucking awesome.

  66. Shelby Post author

    not everything is what it seems πŸ™‚

    i still love my boobs and everyone tells me to stay natural

  67. Angel

    Shelby, I would love to see more pics of you – preferably in the nude. You think that could be possible?

  68. Tom

    I’m happy to know that you didn’t scammed on you first porn, and count me as another vote to stay natural, you’ve been blessed with some awesome tits. I’ve had fun with a lot girls that I know would love to have been blessed with your tits.

  69. Tom

    Is there any chance that you’ll be doing a live GH show this weekend? you had posted that you’d going to do a solo GH shoot very soon. dave hasn’t posted anything about the next show yet.

  70. Mack Johns

    Shelby if you wanted one of your girlfriends to go to the gloryhole with you but you weren’t sure she’d want to go, how would you sell it to her?

  71. Shelby Post author

    i don’t think it would be very hard convincing any of my friends. two close friends have already been to the gloryhole with me. maryjane and navaeh.

  72. Max

    Hey Shelby, I haven’t seen any of the vids except what’s posted on SlutLoad, but I’m just curious about something: what’s the setup like? I mean, do guys just stand in a line then come up and put their dicks through a freggin hole in the wall, or what?

    I know you’ve moved to a new place; at the old one didn’t they have to pay $5 to “watch a video” or something?

    How does it work at the new place?
    Just wondered. Not sure if I’d do it.

  73. Shelby Post author

    at the old place, guys couldn’t line up in the hall because it was very narrow so they were always getting yelled at. the video machines were something like a $1/minute. the new place charges a small fee to go back into the booth area but the machines are like $1/ five minutes. the hall is bigger and there is a theater room so guys can hang out there until it’s their turn.

    i wanted to do some stuff in the theater but there are strict about NO CAMERAS πŸ™

  74. Max

    huh… well that sucks… (puns intended, of course) about the theater part… you really need to get your own locale… still a little vague about how it all “works”… never done anything like that b4… put my dick through a hole in the wall.. lol… (do what!?) So, are there like, people walking by, while a guy is standing there? “Hey bro, what’s happenin?” Is it dark out where the guy is? lol.. does someone shout “Next!” into the theater? Probably after you do your thing, the guy goes back and tells the next guy it’s his turn, right? That sounds about right… wow, that really does suck about the no cameras rule. (It’s an X-rated theater, ain’t it?)
    You and your g/f s are wild n’ crazy… I like it… a lot… πŸ™‚
    So if you’re not in any legal agreement w/Dave, I’d like to discuss a business proposition with you / them. Serious. No BS. I’m in NY now wrapping up a deal, but am probably going to swing out that way sometime before this spring to laze around the coast for awhile…

  75. Tom

    Hey babe,
    Would you like to confirm or dispel some urban legends that have been floating around on the Web for years about girls who swallow loads? Please think about it for a while before replying. You are so qualified for these questions. LOL and LYV (love your videos).

    1. Does swallowing loads improve women’s complexion?
    2. Does swallowing loads act as an antidepressant women? please think on this one because I know from your vids that you get a (Fuck yeah) rush when you get a load sometimes.

    And 3. I know you can’t answer this one but Dave posted this:!/GHHustlers/status/132930904074100736/photo/1
    A cure for cancer? and yes this one been floating around too. LOL

  76. Typhoon

    Hi Shelby,

    I finally joined GHH; a shame it doesn’t have a ‘comments’ section. I commend all of the women who have chosen to participate, especially the perennial ‘star’ Shelby! The real ‘standouts’ to date IMO (besides yourself!) are Kayla, Amber, Taylor and Michelle.

    The new location appears to be a swinger’s club?

    Best Regards.

  77. Shelby Post author

    that’s great! how do you like it so far?

    the new place has a large theater room along with some private rooms so it’s perfect for swinging. i’ve seen quite a few couples there.

  78. Shelby Post author

    lol, i sent that pic to dave πŸ™‚

    i’m not sure about the complexion part because i’ve always been a cum swallower.

    i always get a rush making guys cum. i love being in control of pleasure. i helped jennifer on thursday night and got a few really big loads. i had to swallow twice to get one guy’s load down.

  79. Shelby Post author

    you can pretty much do whatever you want in the theater but they are really strict on the camera issue. it’s illegal to have sex in any public area so they are afraid of cops seeing the video. i could easily do a gang bang there but no one outside the theater would get to enjoy it.

    when you go into these places, you just go to the arcade area which is usually in the back. there are a bunch of individual booths with video machines in them. to stay in the booth you have to put money in the machine. as long as a video is playing they leave you alone because that’s how the place makes it’s money.

    some places have glory holes and some places don’t. dave and i would drive around all day checking out places to see which one had holes. some have holes but cover them up when they know the health inspector is coming by. they call them “ventilation holes”.

    so that’s how it works, pretty simple πŸ™‚

    i’m not in a legal contract with anyone, it’s just a verbal agreement and i really enjoy doing stuff like this with him so i would never want to lose that. i have shot some videos with other people and i’ve been screwed over a few times to so i’m very cautious about that kind of stuff. it’s more of a hobby for me than anything.

  80. Max

    Lol…well, Shelby, you’ve got some good breast cancer insurance, don’t you?

    And I guess dave named his site well too… seeing as you hustle around from one GH to another… could have named it glory hole navy too, because it’s not just a (blow)job, it’s an adventure…lol

  81. Freddy JCool

    Great to see you in action again Shelby πŸ™‚ You’ve got to get Jennifer to start swallowing. She’s sooooo hot, she has to swallow πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  82. Max

    You go girl!
    btw, What’d you get at the Toy store?
    (didn’t you just go like, last week???)
    Hustle hustle and vrrrrrrrooooom vrrrrroooooom vrrrrrrrrooooom!

  83. Max

    Waaaaaaait a minute…. a haaaaaa! hmmmmm…. Is this fascinations place, like, a real “hole in the wall” so to say? Hmmm?????? πŸ™‚

  84. Tom

    Hey babe,
    Taylor’s latest vid with you was fucking awsome!!!

    It might be time for a new topic besides Glory Glory!

  85. Max

    Yeah, I kind of figured Fascinations wasn’t the kind of place that would have a piece of wood covering up a “ventilation” hole somewhere…
    I was jk

  86. Max

    You mean your “regular place” doesn’t cover up the “vent” hole when the health inspector comes around?

    And SHE was fun? Now my imagination is REALLY working OT…lol… (Thanks)
    btw, did you happen to capture it on vid? πŸ™‚
    Yeah baby…NOW we’re talkin…

  87. Shelby Post author

    for some reason they don’t bother the places in Tempe, not sure why. i’ve never seen their holes covered like the other places. it was frustrating going to the other places expecting to have some fun and they have the holes covered.

  88. Typhoon

    GHH is first rate. Thinking that’s you with your hair down and the black rimmed glasses in the photo gallery? Very cool…. πŸ™‚

  89. Tom

    Shelby, seeing you at the GH live today was an awesome surprise! You looked as hot as ever and it looked like you were well on you way to setting a new GHH swallow record when the show timed out. So did enough guys show up and did you set a new record?

    Dave when he posts your solo visits, always post that he is determined to find out what your limit is, and the way you were going I’m guessing he didn’t find that out again.

    Thanks for a awesome show girl, you made my day! and proved once again why you are the star of GHH.

    P.S. Dave had posted that a new girl Ashley was going to be there today, I’m guessing that you filled in for her at the last minute?

  90. Typhoon

    Very good photo of Savannah. Glad to see Taylor make a return trip to the ‘club’. An instant favorite for sure; never misses a drop and is always grateful!

  91. Shelby Post author

    i got 11 cumshots on saturday but i wanted much more! i waited around but it got quiet there so i left. i need to stay busy πŸ™‚

  92. Shelby Post author

    i know dave has been talking to savannah about her next one. she likes doing it and it seems like she has fans.

  93. Tom

    Shelby when you did the shoot with Jennifer did you do the whole shoot with her or did you just pop in at the end of it like you’ve been doing with the other girls that you been shooting with so far?

    I’m asking because Dave started a vote for the next update thing and (Eva’s 4th Visit) barely won out this week over (Jennifer’s 2nd Visit with you) and as Dave listed (your 8th Visit). I’m hoping that the Shelby fans will vote together on one of the two Visits that you did that hasn’t been posted yet so we can see your new super hot stuff.

    (Eva’s 4th Visit) I just don’t get it, she the chubbiest GHH girl (I’m being nice) that spits out half the loads she gets (she needs a spittoon) while wearing a Wal-Mart Moo Moo dress to cover her belly fat. LOL

  94. Shelby Post author

    hmmm, i’m not sure why mine didn’t get voted for…i’m a little hurt about that one. maybe i’m on there too much, not sure.

    i jumped in for a few blowjobs with jennifer after i licked her pussy and made her cum while i fingered her. i love cocks and pussies so i never pass up the chance to have both!

    the week after that i went by myself and got 11 cumshots. i swallowed 10 but couldn’t get that last one down, it was a huge load and i held it in my palm too long. i prefer to swallow when the cum is shot into my mouth rather than drink it later.

  95. Skully

    Eva barebacks and since alot of us are nasty perverts that believe gloryholes and condoms don’t go hand in hand… we are gonna wanna see that action. Don’t get me wrong, I would much rather prefer seeing Shelby at the hole but until she backs that sweet ass up to the hole (I’ve yet to see) and w/o a rubber then I’m gonna have to defer to Eva. After 8 visits I expected at least once to see Shelby fuck through the hole… blowjobs get boring after awhile, gotta mix it up. C’mon Shelby, you can do it πŸ˜‰

  96. Tom

    Baby your the hottest girl to ever be filmed at a GH, because of your looks and because you fucking love it. You were in the lead early on this week after your live show that apparently not all the members could see. You got plenty of votes and the whole load in the hand thing was not shown because the show timed out before that. To date on video you have swallowed every load.

    Now Eva, the fat girl with the pretty face, well I hate to say it but I’ve woken up with a few girls with her body type, more then I care to remember. It’s amazing how alcohol makes them look good at closing time when a guy is shit faced.

    Bottom line, I’m not buying into this bull shit that being fat makes a girl look hot.
    I’ll tell you what’s going on, there are two main GH web sites that have been in business for years and are making lots of money. They have been spamming the shit out of the net with promo vids since GHH got momentum.

    It would be nothing for one of the sites to setup 50 accounts at $20 bucks a month to sway votes, after all it would cost just $1000 a month to get members to quit GHH because GHH thinks fat girls are what the members are looking for.

    Shelby, you did not lose by much.

  97. Skully

    Although it is rare to have a female back it up to the hole, it is needless to say… Divine. My first time, the woman made me wear a condom which honestly doesn’t feel as good as a bj. The second time I was prepared, when she handed me the condom I put it on and slipped it back through… its a beautiful sight to peer through and see a pussy headed towards your manhood. Anyways, halfway into it I pulled back pinched the reservoir tip with my nails and stuck it back through which ultimately caused the condom to break w/ the next hard thrust I gave. But she had no idea since the head was the only part exposed. Needless to say, I busted my load deep inside and bolted. I never again saw that woman post on Craigslist anymore lol. But that momentary feeling of busting deep inside of her was divine, truly the ultimate act of anonymous sex is having the opportunity to bust one deep inside of a stranger.

    P.S. I told you I was a nasty pervert πŸ˜‰

  98. Shelby Post author

    dave sent me a txt earlier and said that the votes were close and he wanted to do something special so he’s doing my 8th time also so i’m excited about that. i wanted to see the video with me and jennifer but that’s ok, i know i’ll see it soon enough πŸ™‚

  99. Shelby Post author

    hmmm, i’m not sure if that’s cool to do or not. she might have had a good reason for wanting to wear one. she might have been protecting you from something you didn’t want to take home as a GH gift.

  100. Tom

    That’s awesome Shelby, thanks for the good news πŸ™‚ I’ll be voting for Jennifer’s 2nd Visit with you next week.

    Shelby I must confess, my other fetish is for high powered rifles, I’ve got a Barrett .50 cal M82 that I’ve been keeping lubed up now for a few years now, I want bust the guns first shot cherry on some real nasty pervert and make a lot of ground meat with one shot.

    So if you ever happen upon a real nasty pervert please email me any info you get (an IP would be nice) a first shot only happens once!!!

    My toy in action:

  101. Shelby Post author

    i don’t normally watch my own videos but i’m excited about this one.

    ps, i’m a perv so i hope i’m not a target

  102. Mr.fred

    Shelby I am a big fan all the way up from Toronto Canada. I think your enthusiasm for swallowing is amazing. Sadly I have yet ever have gotten laid or a BJ let alone have a girl swallow it πŸ™ You give hope to all of us virgin pervs out there. I got a few questions if I may pose them to you.
    1. What’s the most loads you have swallowed so far what’s your goal for next time?

    2.What’s the biggest load that a single person gave you?

    I wish you the best.

  103. Shelby Post author

    i think my swallow record is 17. i swallowed quite a few huge loads and some that were so big that i couldn’t quite swallow all of it but i did my best.

  104. Typhoon

    Hi Shelby,

    If you ever decide to do the gangbang-gokkun scene I’m hoping you avoid the pathetic themes that largely kill thinly disguised hetrosexual porn.

    1. Cameras constantly focusing on guys jerking themselves off.

    2. The same guys making mindless, misogynistic comments.

    3. All external cumshots for some strange reason.

    Thinking hetro males never tire of the public sex – risky sex scene. What’s next after gloryholes?


  105. Shelby Post author

    i’m going to be starting my own site soon. i just got a new camera and started shooting some stuff. i’m going to have fun with this πŸ™‚

  106. Shelby Post author

    stuff that i like to do. masturbation, blowjobs, handjobs, threesomes, gang-bangs, girl-girl…

  107. Mr.fred

    Thanks for answering my questions Shelby! How’s the weather down in phoenix these days? Right now up in Canada winter is well on it’s way, then begins another 8 months of freezing to death. What really sets in that the holidays have started for me at least is the Santa Clause Parade that just happened in Toronto, when I see that going on I’m like yup tis’ the season. I noticed some of the tattoo’s you have in a few of the videos. How many do have and what do they mean? Also I want to say I think you’re one of the hottest girls in the biz right now.

  108. Max

    Glad to hear you got yourself a new camera, Shelby… I hope you post some free stuff on here for all of us to enjoy… and btw, Happy Turkey Day!


  109. Mack Johns

    Shelby I got a suggestion, why don’t you guys change things up a bit and do a gloryhole competition say for loads swallowed or for most guys blown in a half hour or something like that?

    Just a suggestion I like what you guys are doing now

  110. Typhoon

    Hi Shelby,

    I just viewed Jennifer’s ‘second visit’. Jennifer looks great but fades quickly after she swallows the first load, just like before. As always, you were the star of the show!

    My biggest dissapointments to date are Jennifer for the previously stated reason along with Lexi (didn’t swallow anything?) and Lacey (appeared to be stoned; faded quickly after the first swallow). Hoping to see all mentioned develop ‘the taste’ for healthy ‘man milk’ as you and others have.

    Still I commend all of the women who have chosen to participate in the GHH project.


  111. Shelby Post author

    hmmm, i wasn’t there for the first few. i could tell she was a little shy and that turned me on. her pussy tasted amazing and i can’t wait to spend some 1-on-1 time with her. i love eating cum, i always have so it’s hard for me to see a girl waste a good load πŸ™‚

  112. Typhoon

    Also, Savannah gets my vote for ‘most into the action’. She clearly ignores the camera and operator, preferring to do her own thing. Her love for cock and ‘man milk’ is all too obvious!

  113. Shelby Post author

    you mentioned something like this before but i’m not sure i understand. dave doesn’t coach any of the girls, he just tells us what members request.

    i dated a lot of guys so i know every guy wants something different.

  114. Mack Johns

    I agree Typhoon. Jennifer’s a bit disappointing. She’s really pretty but she won’t swallow for some reason. Shelby showed up and stole the show! πŸ™‚

  115. Shelby Post author

    some girls don’t swallow every load. i have a few friends that don’t swallow and it’s hard for me to understand because i have always swallowed.

  116. Mack Johns

    I guess they think it’s gross?

    Don’t get me wrong Shelby, I like Jennifer. She’s nice looking and puts on a good show. I like how she doesn’t use her hands that much. That guy that did her in the booth was a lucky b@stard. It’s just that she’s missing that key gloryhole ingredient – the swallow πŸ™‚

  117. Shelby Post author

    oh ya, i’m sure we’ll get another chance to play. she seems to be getting better with more practice.

  118. Typhoon

    Hi Shelby,

    Looking forward to your GH ‘episode 8’!!!

    No big mystery why healthy hetrosexual males want women to ‘feed’ from their penises. There’s no denying it; our lives revolve around our cocks and our proclivity to pass on our semen to women – it’s in our genetic makeup for reproductive reasons. Women ‘worshipping’ at the ‘phallic altar’ is endless positive entertainment for us.

    Women who are skittish about approaching the ‘phallic altar’ are either inexperienced or suspect. Naturally, we tend to prefer women who ‘worship’… πŸ™‚


  119. Ray

    Not really we love all of them. She keeps telling me she wants to meet a girl like you. She swallows now thanks to you.

  120. Waxdballs

    Hi Shelby.
    I’m certainly looking forward seeing you at GH soon. I just got on Dave’s list so I havent been yet. Can’t wait. I’m hoping you will follow me on twitter.
    Later beautiful.

  121. Ray

    Hi shelby will be down in litchfield park with my gf she wants to know if may be possible to meet you while im at the track.

  122. Typhoon

    “Love to be in the gloryhole with you, sharing cocks and swallowing heavy, hot loads,”

    Oh good grief! I’m surprised to posted that one…. πŸ™

  123. Shelby Post author

    i got a few request like this lately. a few married guys recently contacted me and asked if i can meet them at MW to share some cocks. sounds like dirty fun to me!

  124. Shelby Post author

    probably in a second or two. one guy came as soon as i touched his cock. i didn’t even have time to get my mouth on it πŸ™

  125. Waxdballs

    Shelby, let me when you have your next marathon. I’ll be there.
    I’d love to see your lips on my cock.

  126. Shelby Post author

    i go quite a bit so i’m thinking about just buying a good camera with a light and making some of my own videos πŸ™‚

  127. Typhoon

    “i go quite a bit so i’m thinking about just buying a good camera with a light and making some of my own videos ”

    Good move and you’ll never regret it. πŸ™‚

    From a top fan. πŸ™‚

  128. Ray


    I am a big fan. Please let me know how I can be part of your GH activities. I have no idea where to go to find you..

  129. Shelby Post author

    i’m not allowed to give out the location but if you contact dave through Gloryhole Hustlers he can let you know how to be in a video with me πŸ™‚

  130. Ray

    I am a big fan. I think that you are so sexy. I hope I find myself at the same place as you one day. πŸ˜‰

  131. Angel

    Shelby – can I apply to be your sex slave? I would give anything to live my life satisfying you πŸ˜‰

    My tongue won’t stop & my cock is forever hard for you πŸ˜‰

  132. Angel

    Shelby – You’d never regret it πŸ˜‰
    My tongue & cock is at your service, as long as you don’t mind a man who’s sexual appetite is like the Energizer Bunny .. It keeps going and going and going .. πŸ˜‰

  133. Angel

    I just watched your 7th Visit video. I blasted a load 3 times watching it. I just wish you were here to gobble it up πŸ˜‰

    I even liked the “Gag Reel” reference .. I couldnt help but crack up lol.

  134. Shelby Post author

    OMG, that was such a big load and i did my best πŸ™‚

    i’m sure i could have taken it if it wasn’t sitting in my hand that long. i prefer it straight from the cock

  135. Angel

    That’s why I think I love you .. Well, I definitely LUST you πŸ˜‰
    I want to fly you to Detroit. If I do, you can stay with me. I promise you all the “protein” you can handle πŸ˜‰ lol

  136. Angel

    Shelby – My cock is so throbbing hard right now!! I wish you were here to help me “release some pressure”!! πŸ˜‰

  137. Jon

    Hey Shelby, have loved your videos, missed your last visit to the GH but will be looking for your next one….very much looking forward to it

  138. Trent

    Shelby, I’ve been doing some thinking, and I’ve decided that, for your next visit, you should seriously consider getting the cum on you, rather than in you.

    I know how much you enjoy your protein, but I think it would really be something to see you take a few facials!

    Just a thought. πŸ™‚

  139. Mark D

    Shelby re the cum bath. Great idea. But it’s already been done! Remember Caligula? lol

  140. doug

    be sure to let me know where and when your going to be at. Since i live in phx id love to check you out!

  141. Christian

    Hey Shelby. I love ur videos. You should do a whole video of you and Mary Jane licking eachother, sucking dicks, and letting them fuck u both! Just a thought πŸ˜‰

  142. Scott

    Lol. Shelby i can remember when Dave had only you, and i think two other girls on his site, and you were holding a cardboard look! It looks like every girl in Phoenix is up there…lol

    You hold the record for the most visits and videos, don’t you?

  143. Anonymous


    You are absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to see more of you. Please get Dave to bring you back soon. Your biggest fan!

  144. Christian

    Hello again Shelby. If ur up for it, have u ever tried anal at the gloryhole? If u have, try it at the gloryhole if u want!!

  145. Shelby Post author

    i don’t really do a lot of anal but i’m always up for trying different things. if a guy wants to have my ass then i’ll let him

  146. Christian

    Awesome! You should let Dan or you buy a sex toy at the store there! And use it before you suck some dicks!

  147. william

    first of all, i would like to say that i like your performances at gloryholes shelby! you are awesome! i would like to ask you the folling: what was the most tasteful load have you ever tasted in gloryhole?

  148. Shelby Post author

    oh gawd, i swallowed so many loads there that i couldn’t remember which one was my favorite but i like them all. no load is bad to me.

  149. stevie

    shelby what is your record of swallowing loads? do you prefer big or small loads? im your fan, and i am always watching your scenes at the gloryhole!

  150. Shelby Post author

    you should try it trisha. it tastes different for everyone. what does a banana taste like? it’s hard to explain right?

  151. Shelby Post author

    i don’t remember but i think it was around 17 loads. i like all loads, big and small

  152. anonymous

    A banana usually tastes sweet and is tender so it is easy to eat. That is only when it is ripe. How hard is that to describe.

  153. Scott

    Still would love to see you in a gangbang. You keep saying you want to try it. Is that something you’d plan out or something you’d just “let happen” in the right situation?

    in other words, how the hell do we get you in a gangbang bb?


  154. Scott

    ‘IF you could get enough guys toghether’? Are you f*cking kidding me?
    How many is too many is the question.

  155. Scott

    So how many guys would you want at a GB? You took 17 loads at the GH, so at least that many, right? Or probably double that. About 40. Oh wtf, just make it an even 50. That’d be a party. Shelby’s 50 guy GB for halloween… πŸ™‚

  156. Scott

    Oh I get it, 50 guys– that may not be enough… πŸ™‚

    All you have to do is start a new topic on here called “I want a gangbang on Halloween” and see what happens.

  157. doug

    shelby you are a FUCKING HOTTIE!!! I would love to help you out with your gangbang! I have to ask when will you be doing the gloryhole? I live in phoenix and grew up in scottsdale. There are alot of good things about ‘the valley of the sun’ but with you living out here is a GREAT thing! Id love to see you some time you seem like a blast to hang out with….. Your the best!

  158. Benjamin

    Jesus christ.. I’d serioulsy fly over from Europe just to fucking look at you. You’re just crazy hot and you got this super erotic and mellow aura around you.

  159. Kevin

    Hey Shelby, can I be #51 then? I’d love to get involved in this if you get to choose people to take along lol

  160. Ryan

    Hey Shelby, I’m a huge fan. Did you ever get a webcam to be able to do shows? I’d love to cam with you sometime.

  161. Scott

    I wish there were gloryholes around here dammit, or i lived in AZ.
    That’s it. I’m moving… f@ck this state.

  162. James

    #49, because #50 has too much pressure, you’ll be tired and sick of that guy, #49 you’ll be thinking “wow almost done,” and I’ll feel like a champ since you’ll be smiling the whole time

  163. Shelby Post author

    yes, i have my laptop and webcam but didn’t start doing shows yet. i only do private shows right now.

  164. Shelby Post author

    was is dead there? it’s been a quiet a few times i went and that’s one of the reasons we stopped going there.

  165. Kevin

    hey shelby. let me know if there’s any info about private shows! i’d be interested in watching you on cam πŸ˜€

  166. Shelby Post author

    i can swallow 50 loads but i think i’d be tired sucking off 50 guys. some of the guys took awhile to cum and a few couldn’t cum at all and that was frustrating. all that sucking and no reward πŸ™

  167. mikeb

    OMG u r the perfect woman! Who are these guys that get the luxury of your mouth on their cock and they don’t cum? I’d have such a huge load.

  168. Shelby Post author

    i don’t know who they are. i’ve only met a few of them when i go outside for a smoke break. it’s cute to see how shy they get after i swallowed their cum.

  169. Edward garcia

    Sup hun? Remember me? So how bout that meeting, I will be to AZ next week^^ and saved a lot of sperm for u>< txt me plz

  170. Joe

    Congrats on your new ‘personal best’. I would like to see you star in the newly proposed porn epic production ‘Cleopatra’. Cleopatra had quite the reputation as the most accomplished fellatrix of her time. She was known to have swallowed 100 Roman Senators in one night. She was always up for sucking and swallowing the random slave, soldier and pretty much anyone else who could get it up and pop their load down her throat.

  171. Tony

    Shelby you are my fave porn star. It’s obvious how much you enjoy what you do and that makes all the difference. One of these days I would like to share a glory hole with you, swallow a bunch of loads together and then have you swallow my 9 inches. What do you think? Are you up for a bi-guy suck fest?

  172. Shelby Post author

    it was a long day but i had so much fun. i could swallow more loads but it’s a lot of work getting them out of the cocks…haha!

  173. mikeb

    Just for you Dave should arrange a bukkake, so once your mouth gets tired, another 25 more guys can just crank off into your mouth.

  174. Joe

    Do avoid a ‘jack-o-fest’ (American Bukkake)….too ‘gay’. The exception that was interesting was Momo Iizawa completely drinking a large bowl containing 172 ejaculations. Was hoping to hear her burp….

  175. mikeb

    Nothin’ gay about jerkin’ into a cum hungry girl’s waiting mouth, in my opinion. I don’t get it.

  176. Robert

    You’re so hot Shelby! Your body is amazing! I want to have sex with you so much! Thinking of you sucking my cock gets my rock hard…I wish you were closer to the Fresno area

  177. John

    Biggest fan Shelby in uk. Seriously considering coming to Phoenix to be one of the guys poking through ;-). Any chance.

  178. John

    And I would have a flag of the Union Jack around the shaft so I could advertise the uk lol and you could play the national anthem when I poke through lol

  179. Shelby Post author

    i did two new videos for gloryhole swallow but i don’t know when dave will be showing them on his site.

  180. Joe

    To Mikeb:

    The majority of so labeled hetrosexual(?) ‘oral entertainment’ available at present put the guy jerking his cock on equal or greater billing than the female. Knowing the majority of males and male producers in the porn industry are gay males probably explains this. I want ‘gay’ removed from hetrosexual entertainment.

    Also, anytime I’m participating in a porn related discussion I always label as ‘Spam’ any comment alluding to ‘Where’s the cum?’ or ‘Show me the cum’. For a truly hetrosexual male, ‘seeing the cum’ is far down the list of ‘self gratification events’ and watching guys jerk themselves is a complete turnoff IMO.

    Gloryhole porn is evolving. Dave’s material is the best out there at the moment but there is much room for improvement. Hoping Shelby will start her own porn production company focusing on gloryhole/ public oral sex as a woman’s perspective should be quite interesting.

  181. John

    I would and would twitch to god save the queen. I am due to go to states soon for a convention so would link it I’m with a visit to you babe x

  182. John

    You don’t know how at attention I would be lol. All 8 inches of me ready to go. Since I found you on the web no one else his the spot girl πŸ˜‰

  183. John

    That’s cool. Would seriously consider coming down to see you at the glory hole. How do I go about it. I am assuming Sti checks etc. is it Dave that I would contact. For me having had contact on the blog brings a new dimension to watching you shelby πŸ˜‰

  184. mikeb

    Agree to disagree Joe. If you are into seeing facials on a girl, it means you need cum in the scene. Doesn’t make you gay. I have been in a bukkake and gangbang, and I am not gay. I’m there for the girl, and to fulfill her fantasy, and I am not concerned about being around other guys to do it. But as i said, agree to disagree.

    But anyway, I’m here for Shelby.

    I bet she would be ok to have a bukkake, even if it meant guys jerking their dicks. If it makes her horny, that’s what it’s about.

    Shelby, I wish i could guarantee 50 guys for you, I’d fly you to BC, Canada.

  185. James

    If only I knew you were coming back into town I would have sent you a car to take you to the bar that I left you the drink…everyday I keep buying you a new one

  186. Shelby Post author

    no, i went to the gloryhole last weekend and after i finished off a bunch of guys i made a 8 cumshot facial video for a fan. he paid for it and wants it to be exclusive so i’m not sure if he’ll let dave show it on his site.

  187. Shelby Post author

    i can ask him but i can’t promise that he’ll be able to do it. the guy that ordered the video wanted something that no one else has or seen.

  188. Joe


    I’ve always viewed jerking off on a woman’s face as misogynistic and a complete waste. Nothing sexy or erotic about it at all (just a step above scat and urination?).

    I’ve noticed in my personal life (I’m well into middle age) the people I’ve run across who enjoy that sort of thing tend to be gay/bi and married to women or have very public relationships with same. These relationships tend to be loveless marriages and marriages of convenience for obvious reasons. Not hard to put the pieces together.

    I’m happy that Shelby can earn a living through Adult Entertainment, whatever the preferences and tastes. Wishing Shelby to ‘live long and prosper’ (hoping Leonard approves!)

  189. mikeb

    Wow, I want a custom video! That is so cool that you did that! At least describe it for us! haha. You are truly the sexiest girl in the world.

  190. Shelby Post author

    it was by chance. dave and i were driving around phoenix looking for horny guy for me to service and he suggested trying a gloryhole place so we went there and that’s the first video on his site.

  191. Shelby Post author

    i don’t know how to explain it other than the guys were coming into the booth with me and i sucked them off until each one came on my face and tits. it was really a new experience for me.

  192. John

    Just wondered. I work with people and although your vids are cracking to watch there is a story on both sides of the glory hole. Now ain’t that a banner line for the video lol

  193. John

    I think you are hot and feisty. I bet however there is a story to you. A background of adventure, pleasure and not so nice stuff like all of us I would imagine and it intrigues me. Powerful feeling having guys worship your skills. I for one think that shelby herself is a woman who like most has a completely different side. That intrigues me just as much and I’m not expecting some kind of life story on here by the way. Merely an observation. Like most guys I have watched porn on and off for many years. However. I stumbled upon you on one of the sites and wow. There is something about anonymity, intensity, lust, power and control which is a turn on in a wrong but right way xx

  194. mikeb

    Well, the first time I ever heard of a gloryhole, one of my first thoughts we that I’d be afraid to put my dick in a hole where the person on the other side could do anything to it. My imagination focused more on fear of some negative thing that could happen. But knowing YOU are on the other side, it would be different. I guess it can be a bit of both, but it would be such an honor to be able to present my cock to you to have your way with it.

  195. John

    I think the giver is dominant Definately as they dictate the outcome essentially. Whether they pass, swallow or fuck is the givers choice. The receiver is to all intents and purposes submissive in every way although the act of swallowing is amazing and perhaps could be seen as dominant only if the receiver don’t like it but that gal can’t get enough. A cum swallowing machine. Lol. She is great. I love the one where shelby sees am the cock and sucks it and then speaks through the hole stating I would like to fuck. Brilliant. A lot of men may loose their hard on at the dominance. I for one got immediately harder lol.

  196. Shelby Post author

    i had to remove my email from here because i was getting too many each day. i like talking to people but i can’t keep up with all of them.

  197. mikeb

    I just watched your newest scene! Sexy as always! Although I find it funny you get grossed out by seeing thick loads, yet if it goes in your mouth, it’s no issue. There was one you spat out because you saw the last little bit oozing out.
    Anyway, my loads are thinner anyway, so I don’t care. But are you reconsidering that you could swallow 50 loads?
    I think what I want to see now that I have seen you suck so many cocks in the glory hole, is a full on bukkake with more guys. Thanks for that great scene!

  198. Shelby Post author

    some loads were way too thick for my liking. i think i could swallow 50 but it would be a lot of work making 50 guys cum.

    i did a custom video for a guy and got 8 loads all over my face.

  199. BigDickRick

    Man i wish the timing worked out right. Ive been at one of your shots. I just cant get away on weekends or middle of the day. I like when he does them at noon on the weekdays. maybe you could accommodate me? lol 9″ full of cum

  200. John

    Shelby I see the glory hole as totally submissive. I mean you’re putting your dick thru a hole to a girl giving her total control over it and the whole experience. There’s nothing you can do but stand there and take whatever it is she does. Amazingly erotic from this male’s perspective

  201. Drew

    I’m so upset that I just missed your GH visit πŸ™ Please please please tell me you’re going to be there again soon lol. I’m vacationing in PHX right now and I’m a huge fan… no pun intended (or maybe it was?).

  202. Shelby Post author

    i don’t know when i’m going next. if you guys tell dave that you really, really want to see me again then he’ll take me πŸ™‚

  203. mark

    when are we going to see the last scene you did for the GH? I heard you did another visit, you’re really the best!!!

  204. Scott

    What’s the deal with you own site now? PC still sick from viruses? How about posting some more teaser pics of yourself on here sometime, they’re great. You should take a tease pic of you at least once a week and post on here.

  205. Joe

    Look at the following and tell us what you think (use search engine of your choice). Would you be up for this sort of thing?

    Theater Fun (part one)

    Theater Slut (part two)

    Theater Slut (part three)

    Same gal in all three. Takes place in the Netherlands and the gal had her own website at one time according to one or more commenters. Some of the hottest ‘public porn’ I’ve ever viewed. Perhaps one of the readers here has some knowledge (her name, name of website, the years it ran, etc.).

  206. Shelby Post author

    i’d love to try something like that. i did a special request facial video for a guy at a gloryhole and it got really messy. i wish he wanted to see me get fucked but he just wanted all facials. i love being surrounded by cocks like that.

  207. Joe

    I did some more research and came up with a few answers. The girl went by Kalyx (18yo!). They produced about 10 vids here then she moved to Amsterdam with her Dutch boyfriend (cameraman!) and made about 3 more vids before calling it quits (2004). The story related to me is she quit due to hassles with pious payment processors much like Charlee and her husband Zack(?). Hoping to locate more of Kaylx’s material.

    Very hot material for sure she almost wasted too much cum for my taste. Parts 1-2-3 are part of the following which, unfortunately has no sound: search ‘Amateur Slut taking many loads from strangers’.

    Could be something to think about if set up properly.

    “some loads were way too thick for my liking.” Sorry to hear that. I thought that large, thick, warm and creamy loads were the rage with the fellatio connoisseur. I understand the ‘work’ part as too many guys are distracted by mixed social messages and the thinly disguised ‘gay’ porn trying to get passed off as hetro porn.

  208. mhonferrer

    Hey Shelby, how’s ur adventure going on so far, never had a good look on ur latest updates of ur visits , it looks lyk i just missed a lot of your awesum gloryness splendids …
    Did u ever had a couple of visits ,like 9th visit, ur 8th never had seen them , i guess it’s more lots of fun with ur latest GH adventures . What if I slide my dick in the hole, do u ever take a good look whose poking you .

  209. Shelby Post author

    i don’t know if dave put my latest video up yet, i can’t see it. it’s really hard to see the guys face when i’m at the gloryhole but i like that part πŸ™‚

  210. mhonferrer

    Well, I appreciate that, me too I didn’t see any of ur latest GH treats, thats why I’m almost ruined orgasms these days …. Did you ever had your 9th visit yet ? Oh girl , you’re the most generous slut I ever knew ,,,for real . Got some email or some profiles in the web, for I might see you talking, chatting or whatsoever, it’s pretty much interesting to know you because you’re really hot . Some pervs get luck some pervs get jerked πŸ˜€ , I dunno which way I’m gonna be ..

  211. Shelby Post author

    oh ya, i did my 9th visit awhile ago. i had my email on here before but i was getting hundreds of messages each day and couldn’t keep up with all of them πŸ™

  212. mhonferrer

    And how many drops did u made for your new swallow record ? Damn,I like the way you did it in GH , u suck it nice n smooth , taken every drops with ur tung out, n shown off in cam . πŸ˜€ u really r a queen of Gloryholes !

  213. Topher

    Shelby, I ran across your videos online…damn! You made a disabled guy feel something he a hadn’t felt in a while. I was blown away to find out you live in AZ. Ever been fed by a disabled guy?

  214. Topher

    Spinal cord injury. I live nearby Modern World and would see about showing up if it were easier for me to participate. But it’s not so I’ll settle for watching.

  215. Clay

    Hey Shelby such sexy videos. I’d love to be one of the guys you suck off at the gloryhole.

  216. Seth

    Hi Shelby,

    The reason I requested your email earlier was that I like to send you videoclips of me jerking off to your vids & then send them back to you. I get turned on knowing that you watched me spray multiple cumloads for you.


  217. Shelby Post author

    that’s happened a few times. i can normally tell when a guy is about to cum but i’ve been surprised before.

  218. Shelby Post author

    i was pissed off that day. a cop pulled me and my friend over and we both ended up getting pepper sprayed over nothing so i got that tat.

  219. mhonferrer

    I didn’t see any of your email in here, merely, i really wanna sent u some email for a private message if u don’t mind . For may be I can jerk off and ready to cum πŸ˜€ , for I can’t see any of ur latest vids ..that’s the only thing if u wanna help me for this simple way for I’m not in the GH ……:D .

  220. Robert

    That’s very good news! I’ve seen you’ve made movies on a few other sites as well. Have any movies of you on other websites came out recently?

  221. Shelby Post author

    i’ve only done a few other ones but mostly for Gloryhole Swallow. i really love doing that

  222. Robert

    It shows. You are the most enthusiastic, and skilled girl on there. That’s why I like your updates so much because you always seem to be really enjoying yourself

  223. mhonferrer

    Oh my,,,u got ur #10 ,,, but I just only see of ur pics of ur #8 ,,damn,,,u look pretty awesome,,like a vampire in black hungry of creamy white blood lol ! πŸ˜€ …and how many drops that counts for ur new record ? And what was the shot u said it was really great for ur #10 ,whew ,,,wishing my cock was meet u ther in the hole and say hi … πŸ˜€

  224. Shelby Post author

    i don’t remember how many cocks i sucked but i was full when i left hehe πŸ™‚

  225. Dirk

    I’m curious, Shelby, after you did the 18 loads, did you not feel sick afterwards? A lot of people say that a lot of sperm wreaks havoc with your stomach. Does it not bother you? And you’re without a doubt the best girl on GHS. Enthusiastic, beautiful and great sense of humour. Long may it continue.

  226. Shelby Post author

    it doesn’t normally bother me but one time i threw up after swallowing too much cum. i think it was because i didn’t eat anything before going.

  227. Jason

    I want to drop into town for 24-48 hours to experience your lips. I need about a week’s notice. How would one make sure he gets to meet Miss Shelby if he made a special trip to AZ to see her @ the glory hole. πŸ™‚

  228. mike

    hey shelby 30m here from boston i love ya videos you make me cum so hard when i watch u i alwas end up cumming an extra 1 or 2 more times wow u are the best i wish we had gals like you around my area maybe you like show me a good time lol πŸ™‚ love ya work want be one those cocks soooo bad

  229. Shelby Post author

    do they have gloryhole places there? if you’re every here just let dave know and he can give you the details πŸ™‚

  230. Officer

    So its pretty awesome how you keep up with this site and respond to all your fans. Thanks! Also, is it bad that I want to take that tattoo on your back literally because I’m a cop? I promise we’re not all douchebags! Wishing I lived in arizona and can’t wait to see more of your stuff! You got my vote!

  231. Tim

    Hey Shelby, I love the photos you just posted from your latest visit. I can’t wait to see the video. You’re gorgeous and you have such a great body, I hope we get to see more of it in the video. Lots of great girls on the site but yours are always my favorite and the reason I joined the site.

  232. Tim

    I hope it’s up soon too. I’ve gotten off so many times while watching your videos. Wish I didn’t live on the east coast. If i were anywhere near Arizona I would give it all to you baby.

  233. mhonferrer

    You look so smokin’ hot in tha’ pic on ur latest GH adventures, and hoping to see that in the near future (y) πŸ˜€ . And it seems that u were so happy on that day…. Did you get fully loaded on that day, taken enough loads πŸ˜€ ? Well I guess you are ….(y)

  234. mhonferrer

    Hey, may be you could email me Shelby with this email , try to send me some of ur new stuffs mostly bout on the GH .Tha’ would be highly appreciated, because I’m not on the G-holes , u can share me some if u don’t mind …:) catcha !!!

  235. mark

    what are we waiting for? it’s about a month we’re talkin’ about this gloryhole visit and nothing nothing, come on dave wake up we wanna see her!!! it seems you did another visit too, when will be 0n? in 2015? it’s absurd

  236. mhonferrer

    Yes ! I mean stuff, like what u can share bout ur GH latest adventures. Try to email me , if there’s something you can share …. πŸ˜€

  237. mhonferrer

    This is just a litl request if u don’t mind, if u could share or email me something from urs n it would be grateful . Just a bit of surprise, u know wht I mean …haha πŸ˜€

  238. Scott

    Now I wanna see you squirt! lol
    what kind of situation, btw?
    You need to make a gloryhole squirting vid…lol

  239. Shelby Post author

    mostly the position, how horny i am, the shape of the guys cock. when i get on top i can really work a cock and cum hard.

  240. Mike Rose

    Hey Shelby, your vids are incredible!! Any chance I can be in one or show up to where your next GH is being done? Thanks babe!

  241. JD

    I love to watch you work the GH. Would love to be in one of your movies, ever get to the northeast? Tell Dave he needs to start filming in NewEngland

  242. Shelby Post author

    thanks JD! i’d be happy to take of that for you sometime. small world, dave is from boston πŸ™‚

  243. JD

    Going to Vegas next month, any action there? Maybe I should schedule a short trip to Phoenix… πŸ™‚

  244. mike

    hey shelby it me mike 30m from boston again to anwer ya question we do have a gloryhole in seabroke nh and another one right close by but i never seen a gal like u there. you think you come this way for a visit? to use the gloryhole or even vacation sure injoy you sucking on me i do have such a ragging one for you!!! it hard anofe to dent a car lol mmmmm u are like all i jerk off to latly! my skype is bostonrules28 if ya like to chat there who knows maybe u see my ragging cock there

  245. mike

    hey shelby it me 30m from boston again if dave is from the area you should come over here some time with him i want u taste my cum some day thats my goal right now lol πŸ™‚ there are gloryholes in seabrook nh to anwer your qestion from befor. and hey you should start doing cam4 shows live from the gloryhole that be hot or u should just go on cam4 all together πŸ™‚

  246. Shelby Post author

    i never tried looking for places in vegas but there must be a few in sin city πŸ™‚

  247. JD

    Hey Mike, where in Seabrook?
    Shelby make a note and tell Dave to plan a field trip out east.

  248. mike

    Shelby! The only reason I ever joined GHS. I just re-watched your video where you say you are going for 50 loads. I know after that you said maybe 50 would be too many, but I really think you should try for it. If anyone can, it’s you. And it would be so hot.

  249. luis

    oh baby you’re awesome your lips are magical keep waitin’ for your next update it’s getting more and more frustrating this wait…

  250. Shelby Post author

    i could swallow 50 loads but i was getting tired. a few guys were taking a long time to cum.

  251. Jay

    Hi shelby am from Canada Edmonton i just love watching your videos i hope to come to AZ one day just for you lol

  252. mark

    50 loads! Hope to see this video if it will be ever released! You’re the best honey

  253. crazy ginger

    hello shelby i am from ontario canada i really wish i could go to one of your gloryhole visits but unfortunately i doubt it will ever happen i would like to say i absolutely love your videos the way you handle a cock is like a gift also i love the tattoos and piercings very sexy one of my turn ons tbh you are a very beautiful lady with what seems like a great personality keep up the great work i hope life is treating you well you deserve it

  254. Joe

    When will your next videos be released? And could I ever meet you in person, Im from LA.

  255. John Hagans

    Hi there shelby. Jon from the uk. I am in Phoenix between the 7.8.13 and 14.8.13. Gong to see the sights but was wondering whether u in the Phoenix area that weeks. Would love to buy you lunch or coffee x

  256. Shelby Post author

    i’m in phoenix for another week and then leaving again to attend a big party.

  257. Jon

    What big part is that and are you back and if that is code for xumming in mouth it could be but coffee could wipe the taste away. Looked up phoenix. Apparently it is dry and depressing according to travel sites lol but brightens up towards Scottsdale x

  258. mgj

    big party eh? why do i have a feeling this is a party i wish i was going too…especially since you’re going to be there haha

  259. Shelby Post author

    there’s nothing depressing about az. lots of sunshine and pretty people πŸ™‚

  260. Jon

    That’s what I thought. Still going over though. Been planning for ages. Hope u are around that week otherwise it’s the Grand Canyon and cactus and dust storms x

  261. Jimbo

    So, should I wait at gloryholes everyday and hope for the best or will you give me a “head”s up?

  262. Jimbo

    Should let you know that I too, live in Scottsdale. So, I will be waiting at every Gloryhole, everyday from 10am to closing. Unless, you know of a better time

  263. Kevin

    hey Shelby, what would it cost for you to do a personal blowjob video on me and for me (for my own private collection)?

  264. Baptiste

    Hi Shelby,

    Just want to thank you for all the wonderful video you done. I’m french and all your video excite me a lot. You are very pretty. Continue like this. πŸ˜‰

  265. Kevin

    “Shelby says:
    June 11, 2013 at 1:39 pm
    where do you live hun?”

    I live in Toronto. I’d obviously pay for your airfare and hotel in addition to the video fee. Send me an email at if you’re interested

  266. Ray

    Hey Shelby.. do you still “do” the gloryhole anywhere in Phx? Hope to see you some time. I have a nice pic you might like to see. πŸ™‚ its pretty.. Ray

  267. Shelby Post author

    it depends on the month. i travel alot but you probably seen me in phoenix.

  268. Tipsy McBigDick

    Shelby, thank you so VERY much for the GH today in Tempe…. I was the second to last guy to go and you did a FANTASTIC JOB!!

    I was in the nearest to the door booth and you passed me off to your friend before I popped… what felt like a gallon!

    I also live in Scottsdale and get a fanatic urge to eat steak and drink beer… thoughts?

  269. mike

    hey shelby, i left a post in another section, not really sure how much your on here anymore or what you look at but i was wondering if your still looking for stuff off your wishlist like a cam for a video exchange or something, if you are hmu on my email hun

  270. Shelby Post author

    i’m glad you had as much fun as i did. are you sure i passed you off? doesn’t sound like something i would do but maybe πŸ™‚

  271. Ebenezer

    Still no luck on a new GH…heading to a spot near the airport in a little while, maybe I’ll strike gold there!

  272. Jack

    Hey! I’m curious if you’re planning on going to the gloryhole again anytime in the near future? I’m a huge fan of your gloryhole videos and would to participate in one while I’m in the area!

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