177 thoughts on “Latest Gloryhole Visit

  1. Shelby Post author

    Oh no, it’s low key. You can’t get arrested because it’s not illegal. The guys don’t pay, I do it because I like it 🙂

  2. Typhoon

    Hoping all of your best fans and those who truly appreciate your presence show up. I’ll be looking for the new posting to purchase and download! Wishing I could make it! Maybe another time.

  3. Shelby Post author

    I’m hoping it will be a marathon…I’m excited! The video will be ready on Monday

  4. Typhoon

    Wondering if Shelby is up to ‘processing’ 300 men? Is her tummy up to it? A ‘world record’ in the making! I’ve watched ‘blow bangs’ where many couldn’t wait and ejaculated into a bowl for later consumption by the star of the show. I would love to pat Shelby’s tummy after #300. 🙂

    Momo Iizawa consumed a bowl full of semen after fellating and swallowing 110 men previously. I would have set the scene up differently and without the the pixilization!

  5. Typhoon


    Hoping you had a great day! How many showed? Were they cordial? Hoping so as you deserve the best that male humanity can offer. Looking forward to viewing today’s festivities at the first opportunity.

  6. Shelby Post author

    I couldn’t make it today so another girl took my place and serviced all the horny cocks there. I heard she got 6 loads! Dave talked to the guys who worked there and found out the best time to go for the most cum possible!

  7. weston lopez

    yeah I had a medical thing myself but still would like to eventlly meet you ect. and I might have been a little chicken

  8. Typhoon

    Wow!!! Hoping she swallowed every last one of them too! An acquaintance of yours? New faces are good but the original ‘template’ should be maintained – all swallow! Looking forward to the vid for download.

  9. Typhoon

    Hi Shelby,

    How did it go yesterday? Hoping a bumper crop of healthy and intelligent ‘donors’ showed up! If word gets out in the Phoenix Metro I’d bet at least 100+ would show up! A change of venue would be required but could be handled. Looking forward to the next ‘release’ for download!


  10. Shelby Post author

    It was alot of fun but I wish more guys showed up. I think I got 5 loads but I was ready for 20. I’m trying to get one of my friends to go with me next time to help me and do some cum swapping.

  11. Typhoon

    Thinking mostly gays go to adult theatres anyway. Perhaps a change of venue should be considered. Cum swapping? Still wondering who thought of that? AAArgh!!! That’s on the same level as gargling cum, swishing cum around in the mouth and so forth. Which porn ‘brain trust’ came up with the idea of men pulling their cocks from a woman’s mouth and jerking themselves off? Too much weird stuff in pornoland to wreck weak minded, inexperienced, vulnerable and impressionable males.

  12. phil

    Shelby, Thanks for sat nite. tried to send message on xprofile but couldn’t log in. u were fantastic.

  13. Shelby Post author

    Thanks Phil, I really enjoyed it but I wish a few more guys showed up. I want to do a cum swallow marathon there!

  14. Typhoon

    Perhaps a well controlled ‘invitation only’ meeting of pre screened people like Summer Nyte did in Nashville back in 2005. She was trying to raise the bar to 250 men fellated and swallowed in a 24 hour period (according to advertising). Unfortunately, she swallowed very little and she caught strep throat (along with her fluffer). She also passed out with donor #249! Ron Jeremy ‘hosted’ the event and was a complete bore as usual. The ‘event’ took place at a swinger’s club she and her husband were members of.

    If you feel more comfortable in a gloryhole setting then by all means stick with it. I want to see the ‘star of the show’ comfortable in the chosen environment and enjoying what she’s doing.

    “Not sure what you mean by a change in venue? The Gloryhole is alot of fun!”

  15. Shelby Post author

    Well, for me it’s more than just being in a big room full of guys. I like how anonymous the gloryhole is and I know most of the guys have g/f’s or wives and just want to get their dicks sucked and go home. I normally get to swallow 5-7 when I go their but I’d like more like 10-20 so hopefully more guys show up when they know I’m going to be there 🙂

  16. Shelby Post author

    I won’t be going this weekend but I will be there next weekend 😀

    There’s going to be a new girl there on Saturday from 1pm-3pm. I’d love to go and watch but I have plans for this weekend 🙁

  17. Typhoon

    I just viewed your ‘3rd adventure’. I enjoyed it; the outtakes were good. Ask your cameraman not to put his hand in the frame from now on; we had a good view. I’m still amused by the guys having trouble getting their cocks up to the hole. I’m a bit disappointed by the guys who have to jerk themselves off or ask if they can cum in your mouth. Oh well, I guess you have to take what you can get – that is what can make the gloryhole scene interesting. Looking forward to the next ‘adventure’! Hoping your replacement is ‘all swallow’ too!

  18. Shelby Post author

    Yes, you’re right. It’s a real gloryhole and a very small booth so anything can happen there.

    Dave told me that he’s not happy that you’re watching updates that aren’t released yet and you won’t be able to do that anymore. Uh oh, somebody was being a bad boy…. 😀

  19. Typhoon

    LOL!!! Your comment during an outtake stated you thought #2 cock was the best and most challenging. I agree it was ‘hot’ but a shame he had to jerk himself off – not your fault at all! ‘Conditioning’ on the donor’s part. The hottest scene for this ‘adventure’ otherwise.

    Hoping you have a good weekend; looking forward to your return.

  20. Shelby Post author

    Some cum quick, others take longer but they’re all fun! I’m looking forward to my next visit and I hope there are lots of cocks to service 😀

  21. phil

    Shelby, I was the tall guy who saw you in the corridor, the one who’s money the machine wouldn’t take at first and probably the one that typhoon was talking about,lol. You almost had me cumming a few times but changed motion right before I did. Also the shock of finding someone so sexy there put me on edge. Love to see you again, is your friend going to be there tomorrow? Phil

  22. Shelby Post author

    hi phil! there were two girls today but i will be there next sunday for sure and i’ll be looking for some big loads 🙂

  23. Phil

    Shelby, What time on Sunday? Also, could you email me? Got a couple of questions for you. Thanks, Phil

  24. Typhoon

    Just viewed Hilary and Lexi’s ‘visit’. Young and sexy for sure but skittish at the gloryhole. Hoping they return with ‘all swallow’ and no ‘jerking off’. Perhaps they just need more practice!

  25. Christian

    Hey Shelby I’m a huge fan I love ur videos and I live in Colorado so, hopefully I can visit the gloryhole in Arizona when ur there.

  26. Mickey Macervelli

    please email soon when there is another Gloryhole visit. I would love to come and see you. Any way to eat your pussy the entire time your in the booth ? Im serious. Thanks Mickey

  27. Edward Hardy

    oh god plz I wanna take part in this party, can I? Pretty please, I promise my little shelby big mouthful hehe) Love you Shel) Yours truly.

  28. Mitchell

    Hey Shelby, I really enjoyed your videos. I’m in PHOENIX AND WOULD LOVE TO CUM SEE YOU AT YOUR NEXT SHOOT OR NEXT GLORY HOLE.



  29. Shelby Post author

    you’ll have to contact dave on his site for info about the gloryhole. hopefully i’ll see you there, or at least your cock 🙂

  30. mhonferrer

    Hi Shelby,what was your latest visit at gloryhole, is that your 8th visit,,,I often watching gloryhole frequently, but when seeing you, got my eyes set up on watching you always like swallowing lots of loads…its really makes me feel like a jerk-off most of the time seeing your clips …whew,,,you’re an awesome cum swallower I’d ever seen ..!!!

  31. Shelby Post author

    i might be visiting phoenix soon so i’ll talk to dave about taking me for another visit. i’m so craving cum lately!

  32. Angel

    Watching you gobble up loads makes me wish more and more you’d CUM for a Detroit visit. I’m trying to save up $ so I can make a special trip to the Phoenix area so I can slide my cock through the gloryhole for you.

    Also, are there any more pics of you out there? I love the ones you posted, as well as some earlier ones I’ve found , but I crave more & more Shelby! 😉

  33. Shelby Post author

    i have some pics floating around the web but i don’t know exactly where you can find them.

  34. mhonferrer

    whoa ,,that sounds really exciting, hoping that i could donate my fresh loads sometimes , lol,,but hey you can remind me bout your next adventures if you don’t mind ..i guess its gonna be a devastating lots of cums ,to swallow ,,haha ….:)))

  35. Shelby Post author

    i think dave put a note on his site letting everyone know where i was going to be. it was kind of slow at mw and one guy was wasting a lot of my time and in the end didn’t even cum!

  36. mhonferrer

    😀 May be that guy cum multiple times over, u just did n’t recognized his cock for the last time, its kinda awkward not to come again lol ,,but it’s really your goal to get down for a 50 loads or more ,,,for the next visit…Oh my,, that’ s for the record bb …
    My B=====D-… reminds me about how amazing you are to get laid …n swallow …ohhh jizzzzzz . …

  37. Alex

    Hey Shelby,

    I love your videos. It’s hot to see you suck one cock after another and then show the load in your mouth before you swallow. Are you going to be making any more videos?

  38. Shelby Post author

    i could do it if the guys were stroking themselves and getting ready for my mouth. i got fucked really good last time and i haven’t been fucked like that in a long time!

  39. mhonferrer

    Oh my, can’t wait to see that breakin the record for your latest GH adventure, but you can share some pics of it,,,that was really fantastic …Did u ever missed a shot or nothing just swallowed evry bit…LOL 😀

  40. mhonferrer

    You got some pics of your previous swallows, but the rest of your latest stuff is hanging out there, but perhaps you may share some few of your glorious shot , if there is if you don’t mind . Oh, talking bout dave, can you show some of his link just to see what he did with your glorious vids ?

  41. mhonferrer

    ohhh, tnx for a little update,for i’m looking forward to see that for i can’t w8, 😀 lol, u know what u just broke the records of every GH sluts just lyk u did , lyk a world record. Damn, lucky for those pervs for they find the hole, and they finally see,,,the ecstasy on what happened if they slide their cocks inside …:D lol.. B======D-.. (O) oops, i just missed the shot !!!

  42. Come on sexy.....

    We get to see yet another creampie and you still haven’t given us at least one. We have been dying for one from you. You’re already number one at GHS but you’d be untouchable if you did that for us. You can even stage the first guy by making sure the first guy is a friend you trust who does it, we’d never know; we just want to see you creampied and there isn’t a guy on here who doesn’t lol

  43. Come on sexy.....

    Is that your way of saying you’ll do a creampie for us then? Even with a stranger?

  44. js

    I would love to be at your next GH. You are so hot! Email me or put me in contact with the person WHO decides where and when, and Ill be there.

  45. Shelby Post author

    i’ll think about that one. i love getting my coochy filled with cum but i’m not sure about random guys at the gloryhole. the risk goes up quite a bit.

  46. Shelby Post author

    dave from gloryholeswallow.com takes care of all that so just send him an email and he’ll let you know 🙂

  47. Come on sexy.....

    well baby if you wont stage the creampie, and if you wont do one with a stranger…why not just record a couple of your guy friends creampiing you in a 3 some or gangbang. Im sure Dave would record that and post it as a bonus video. Your loyal fans get what we want which is to see you take multiple creampies, you get what you want which is to stay safe while doing it.

  48. Shelby Post author

    i’d be more comfortable with something like that than with strangers cumming in me.

  49. Shelby Post author

    i’ll ask dave if he can shoot the video for me. the thing is, i have no place to sell the video so it would have to be a custom video.

  50. Come on sexy.....

    Wouldn’t you be able to sell it to Dave himself for the the site? Or tell him before your next video he goes to your place and records the creampie gangbang then right after that you go to the gloryhole….

  51. Shelby Post author

    i don’t know until i ask him. it’s his site. it doesn’t really fit into the whole “gloryhole” thing so i don’t know.

  52. newby

    Im from new zealand and have jerked off to you so many tim es wish we had places like that over here, would love the chance to have you suck me off and cum in your mouth or put my dick balls deep inside you. Fucking you is my biggest fantasy

  53. newby

    g’day is actually Australian but your forgiven, I love your work always swallowing seeing that cum in your mouth makes me so hard for you. You please me all the time, I wish I could jerk off infront of you and then finish in your mouth

  54. newby

    I wish i could get to you and jerk off in your mouth, have you had new zealand dick before? If i flew out would you let me cum in your mouth

  55. Sam

    Us Shelby-fans can’t get enough of you. Dave needs to feature you more on his site than he has. You should a get a love-struck CS student from UofA to make you a personal site.. BOOM! problem solved.

  56. newby

    You should make a video where you put all the cum in a cup and drink it at the end. do you prefer older or younger men

  57. Shelby Post author

    someone just order a custom video of me doing that so i’ll be making one in a few weeks. age isn’t an issue for me

  58. Lars

    Hey Shelby, god I’d like you to give me a try, I’m a fan of you.. I live in the biltmore area.

  59. michael

    is there anyway to experience a blowjob from you? i visit phoenix all the time. and after seeing some of your vids id kil for that experience.

  60. Shelby Post author

    i haven’t been there in awhile. the last time i went they asked me to leave because of the camera. i brought them a lot of business so fuck them.

  61. AZ_Gemini

    Hi Shelby. Im just west of Phoenix,Im new to the whole gloryhole thing and seen you had a website here where one can actually talk to u!! cool so your in AZ too?.

  62. so...

    I let Dave know via email you said youd give us that creampie we wanted at the gloryhole if he allowed you to stage that creampie with your bf…he sounded interested….GIVE US THE CREAMPIE baby lol

  63. so...

    great now just talk to dave and tell him to let the first cock at the gloryhole be your bf so we can see the creampie. you gotta admit baby weve been super patient lol

  64. michael

    hey im moving to phoenix, can i participate in the gloryhole thing for dave. love his site and would love to get sucked off for it

  65. Javier

    said that you are pissed because you were not in the Country’s visit. she swallowed the biggest load it we have saw it until the moments but on several occasions. you have spit loads and in your 5th visit you swallowed an huge load and started hurting you stomach i think if you will swallow load as big as her, you will faint, little bitch

  66. sigh

    ^^^are you really criticizing a woman on sex? Lets see you get on film with a huge dick, massive stamina and peter north style cumshots. If you dont like shelby then dont watch her videos and dont visit her website. Most of us are happy and lucky that we can actually get responses out of such a beautiful adult performer. Learn manners dude!

  67. Daniela

    hello shelby, how many do you had old when sucked cock for first time? answer me please. 🙂 I am Latina.

  68. Jordan

    Shelby… I live in Phoenix and been wanting to try the glory hole out… I don’t want a guy sucking my cock… whens the next time you will be doing it… I want to experience my first time with you… please let me know !

  69. Kep

    This looks awesome.
    I live in Phoenix also. I’d love to swing by and give this a try 🙂

  70. Ray

    Are you still in the Phoenix area? I want to visit you. I live near Modern World for school. Just got into the whole GH idea recently.

  71. Jared

    Luv this forum! Been to the gh a few times. Would luv to be there at the same time you are! Do you still go here?

  72. Chris D


    Does Dave still do the gloryhole at Modern World? I have been a fan of yours for years and would love to join the fun. I just moved to Phoenix 2 weeks ago so i am a little ex ited. Please reply if you know.

  73. Shelby Post author

    i’m not sure if he goes there or not anymore. the last time i went there with him the guy behind the counter was being a real jerk and said some of the customers complained about being on video. i think its because straight guys go in there to give or receive and don’t want to get caught.

  74. X

    Hey sexy, I am interested in this if you do still do this. Let me know 😉 I do live in Phoenix too.

  75. Xman

    Hey Shelby, I’m very interested in visiting you for a gh if we can set something up between us. May be somewhere, my house or yours. Let me know, I am willing and looking to do with your sexy self :). Let me know. Thanks.

  76. Xavier

    When will you be back to Phoenix sexy? If you have kik, hmu NBN12. I would love to see you. Just saying your sexy and seems like you know how to suck real good and I would like the chance.

  77. Xavier

    That sucks, u don’t stay in Phoenix anymore sexy? Where u stay now if u don’t mind?

  78. Xavier

    Alright then, sounds good. Well is there any other way I can contact u, like kik or something? I will give u my Kik, email or Snapchat for u to hmu and we can keep in touch sexy? Yea?

  79. Xavier

    Alright mamas. I will for sure stay in touch…. Hope u can come very soon… Whats new though :)?

  80. Mark

    Me and my fwb want a glory hole experience. She wants to see me get sucked for the first time.. You down to help us out?

  81. Xavier

    Hey what’s up sexy? How are you?
    Where you be at now days. I’m very interested still on getting a session with u…

  82. Brian

    Hello Shelby,
    Hope your well. Is this still something you do?? Hope to hear from you.

  83. Anonymous

    I am so happy you are ok. My friend and I have been looking for you everywhere.

  84. Chris

    Hi Shelby I am a very healthy and good looking md well hung 35yr old stud and I would love to give you what you love. I live in Mesa AZ

  85. JR.

    I have seen your videos for the first time this may and I just couldn’t stop watching them. I asked an escort to to let me watch a video of you while I was getting something done to me. Watching how you did it made me lose it mush quicker. I can’t say I’m tie biggest fan, but I’m a great fan of yours. I would love to know if there’s a possibility to ever see you?

  86. Matty Obscure

    Ayyy Shelby! I went ahead and emailed you but you also said this is the best way to keep in touch with you, any idea when or where the next gloryhole will be? Lemme knoww! :3

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