66 thoughts on “New Pics

  1. Angel

    You are the sexiest and most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I can’t wait til I finally get the chance to visit you from Detroit. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. sealions

    If it wasn’t for your eyes radiating warmth and inner beauty, it would be just another picture of a pretty girl. :)-7

  3. Nasty Boy

    First of I object to being called a bitch, however regarding the pictures yeah you look good but you would look better with my cum decorating your face

  4. Jayjay

    Your the standard I measure all other adult stars to, and they don’t come close! your my fav.

  5. Shawn

    Hello Ms. Caldera, have you ever had lesbian sex with a girl outside of the gloryhole, because if you have, I live in Pheonix and I would love to have some fun with you outside of the gloryhole and maybe go to the gloryhole with you. I would love to suck cock with you. I’m a female by the way. Please replay back, Thanks.

  6. Shawn

    I would love to suck on your nipples, Shelby! I’m Lesbian, and I would love to go to the gloryhole with you, just let me know when your next visit to the gloryhole is! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Shelby Post author

    yes i did several times. the first guy wasn’t too big but the second guy was huge. i hadn’t had sex in awhile and he really did a number on my pussy.

  8. Aza

    You have to be the sexiest girl on the Internet, and the attitude to match it. I would love to see some new stuff from you. Are you doing any cam work yet, or are you on any other site? Great pics by the way, and you look amazing in the GH:)

  9. Shelby Post author

    i haven’t done any cam work yet but i’m still interested. dave said he’s going to take me back to the gloryhole once my 9th visit is up on the site so i’m looking forward to that ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Aza

    Well I look forward to seeing it, because your GH videos are amazing, no one can make it look as hot as you do:) it would be great though to see you do some more stuff.. I wish the world had more ladies like yourself!!

  11. Aza

    You should definitely post some new pics up here on your site:) what is the best thing for you about the glory hole?

  12. Shelby Post author

    i’ll see what i have for pics. the best thing is all the attention and the guys are there for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Miguel

    Hello from the Philippines! Damn! You’re so fucking beautiful and cute at the same time. If you had a different job, I swear, any man would be phenomenally lucky to date you.

  14. MajorCumfetish

    He definitely is! I’m so envious. But thanks for at least sharing some of yourself.

  15. max

    Hi Shelby. I would like to make a video with your participation. I’m from Russia. You come to Russia? How much is it?

  16. Shelby Post author

    i don’t have that video i made. dave from gloryholeswallow.com has it.

  17. flo

    hi , shelby .
    i really love ur gloryhole vids,
    wish i could stick my cock through that hole one day…
    all the best, greetings from austria

  18. Josh

    If we become a member do you think Dave will let us see it ?
    Because it sounds amazing! Lol

  19. Alex

    Hey beautiful. I can’t get enough of you. Id love to get you to come to miami to spend some time with me. I’ll make it worth your time

  20. Rod

    Missing you, what have you been up to in June, wish i could catch a new vid of you somewhere or on cam, huge huge fan of yours

  21. MajorCumfetish

    Can you ask Dave to put you in another video? Maybe he can team you up with another cum hungry girl and you can fight for the loads. Or just share.

  22. Maurice

    Sup kiddo just show some love. u r a goddess amongst us perves. hope one day u get those sexy lips around my cock. till then keep on slaying those anonymous dicks.

    Mad Love,

  23. ryan

    hey do me a favor and shoot me an email shelby. I want to send you something private… and not a picture lol

  24. Josh

    Hey luv, I contacted to Dave but I got no reply about the facial video, I even said I would $$$ for it :/
    You should make another one ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Shelby Post author

    i’m not sure if he could sell that one to you because it was a custom video for a guy who contacted me. i’m down for making another one, i just don’t have the ability or equipment to do it.

  26. Shelby Post author

    i’m ready when he is ๐Ÿ™‚

    i logged in one time and read on the forum that guys were sick of seeing me in so many videos which hurt my feelings a bit.

  27. MajorCumfetish

    You can’t spend so much time worrying about what others think. Especially trying to please everyone. And even more so in the porn world. Everyone is so different in terms of what they like. Sure, people want some variety on that site, but it has been a long time, and I think the time has come for you to show them how it is done. I know I would join the site just to download your next video.

  28. Fabian

    They should use you to help new girls who are too shy to do the gloryhole by themselves. Plus, they just had Paige back. Has she ever gotten more than 10 loads in a visit?

  29. Will

    Hi Shelby,

    I haven’t been on your forum in quite some time, but I still think you are amazing. I read your comment that some fucktard was tired of seeing you in videos. I can’t speak for those morons, but I would never get tired of seeing you in video. My wife and I just got through fucking while watching one of your videos and it was amazing!!! She said “that girl is crazy.” She meant that like that girl is crazy hot, crazy skilled, a crazy hot fuck. You brighten up the internet with your smile, and laughter. Thank you for what you do! I look forward to seeing more of you, and would always welcome you into our bed.

  30. frank

    Hi Shelby,
    i will be in the Phoenix area around the weekend starting 23rd Oct. Anything going on that I can participate? Seen a lot of videos from you over in Germany where I live and loved every single minute……. Having fantasies about it.
    greets Frank

  31. Shelby Post author

    i’m not sure what i’ll be doing around that time but i’m sure one of the local gloryhole locations would be fun to visit.

  32. Gian

    Hey Shelby! How are you? How can I participate in one of your videos! I’m desperate to do so! Kisses!!!

  33. Graham

    Hey Shelby, I know a lot of people have been wondering if there’s going to be any new stuff with you coming out sometime. Any update on that? Also, do you have a snapchat or anything?

  34. Kevin

    Hi there Shelby id love to meet you there please text me when you will be there next I am Kevin 480 296 9859 please I love your pics I a clean and nice

  35. Tyler


    Your my favorite girl to watch! When will you be making new videos? I haven’t seen anything new in quite some time.

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