Gloryhole Smoke

hey all!  dave sent me over some photos from my latest gloryhole visit and i wanted to share some with you.  he said he’s letting the members decide which video they want to see this week so pick me, k 🙂



Gloryhole Facial

One of my fans asked me to make a facial video for him so last week I went to the Gloryhole and after I was done, I let 8 guys cum on my face.  I never tried anything like this before but I liked it and I want to do it again.

I’ll see if the guy will be ok with me showing you guys some photos.

Glory Glory!

I think I’m going back to the Gloryhole in a few weeks…can’t wait!  I need a fresh dose of protein 🙂

Other than that there’s not much new going on, just having fun and trying to stay cool.  Have you guys seen the dust storms we’ve been having here lately?


I got in a little trouble yesterday.  Dave never called me to see if I wanted to go the the gloryhole place so I went down there by myself.  I wasn’t trying to be sneaky or anything, it’s just that I got alot of emails from guys who wanted to know if I was going to be there.

I didn’t realize that the guy who was working there as going to call Dave and tell him I was there so as I’m doing my thing in the booth I get a knock on the door…it’s Dave and he sounds mad.  He was ok about it once I told him what happened and he just wanted to be there to record it.  He was a little upset that I had already swallowed a bunch of loads but I told him to relax because there were lots of cocks waiting in line 🙂

OMG, there were some big ones too!  My favorite one was a guy who was banging on the wall as he was shooting his load down my throat.  I thought that was cute, lol

Weekend Fun!

I’m really excited about my 4th Gloryhole Visit this Sunday from 12pm-3pm!  One of my friends swallowed 13 loads there one night and I’m determined to break her record.  We have a little bet going on and I plan on winning this one 🙂

If you forgot the place, just send me a message and I’ll let you know.

Found some pics

I found some new pics and you can see why I’m looking forward to getting a new camera…lol