Weekend Fun!

I’m really excited about my 4th Gloryhole Visit this Sunday from 12pm-3pm!  One of my friends swallowed 13 loads there one night and I’m determined to break her record.  We have a little bet going on and I plan on winning this one 🙂

If you forgot the place, just send me a message and I’ll let you know.

120 thoughts on “Weekend Fun!

  1. Shelby Post author

    sending you an email right now with the location. they enjoy me being there but don’t me advertising on here.

  2. Typhoon

    12am to 3pm – 15 hours!? Typo or really getting serious about the ‘record’!?

  3. Shelby Post author

    see you there phil! it sounds like there’s going to be alot of horny guys there tomorrow 🙂

  4. Typhoon

    I recently viewed Gloryholegirlz’s four most recent ‘swallowers’ (as tagged). Sadly, two were ‘spitters’! Of the remaining two, one gal swallowed two loads and the other swallowed three. The first largely ignored DirtyD’s incessant micromanaging and the second missed part of her first load because of it. 🙁

    The vast majority of the women on his site are ‘spitters’ unfortunately. Wishing you the best for today; looking forward to the vid release!

  5. Shelby Post author

    i won’t be spitting any loads out today 🙂 dave told me about that guy and how much he hated when any guy talks too much during a porn scene. if so many guys hate it, then why do they do it?

  6. Jomini

    Hey Shelby. Heard you couldn’t make it today. Are ya scheduling another day?

  7. phil

    Shelby, sorry I missed you yesterday, I could only stay till bout 1230. I’ll try to make your next shoot. Phil

  8. Shelby Post author

    that’s ok phil, i couldn’t make it yesterday so Lexi took my place. from what i heard there were something like 30 guys there waiting for a blowjob. that would have been awesome!

  9. Ricky

    Hi Shelby… Love your gloryhole scenes…

    Hopefully someday I can make it to the area.. I would love to get a blowjob from you..


  10. Shelby Post author

    That’s Ricky! I hope you can make it here someday so we can have some fun at the gloryhole!

  11. Shelby Post author

    send me a message using my contact form and i’ll give you the details about this weekend 🙂

  12. Typhoon

    Glad the see an update but will have to wait until I get a better connection. Attractive young women addicted to man milk…way to go Shelby!:-)

  13. Typhoon

    Hi Shelby,

    I just viewed the 4th visit, part one – the best yet! You looked great handling the mostly well endowed ‘donors’. Best ‘crop’ yet. Thinking ‘record setting’ isn’t far off. Keep’em ‘coming’! A shame we missed the ‘six or seven’…

    All the Best.

  14. TJ

    Hi, Shelby!
    Ever think of taking your act on the road? Denver could really use your talents!

  15. Shelby Post author

    a few people mentioned that. i think it would be fun to travel around going from gloryhole to gloryhole 🙂

  16. TJ

    Imagine it! You could be the very first girl to embark on a coast to coast gloryhole tour.

  17. Typhoon

    Yes indeed! Perhaps this will become a national trend. Women working gloryholes for fame, fortune and, above all, nutrition! Hetrosexual male humanity couldn’t be happier. 🙂

    Gays wouldn’t be happy though LOL!!!

  18. Typhoon

    Hi Shelby,

    How’s our favorite ‘man milk drinker’ doing? Hoping everything is going well. Are there any Gloryhole Hustler updates in the works?


  19. Shelby Post author

    i made my 6th visit a few weeks ago so that should be on the site soon. i’ll be making my 7th visit very soon!

  20. Typhoon

    Hi Shelby,

    Just viewed ‘Amber pt.1’ – she is HOT! Wishing Dave would set up a stationary camera or two to catch the side views without movement. Hoping to see ALOT more of Amber! No ‘pretender’ here.


  21. Shelby Post author

    glad you liked her, she looks like she really enjoyed herself! those booths are really small and i’m not sure if he could fit a tripod in there. we have to sneak the camera in so getting a tripod in there would be even harder i think.

  22. Shelby Post author

    lol, my g/f gave me her old webcam so now i’m just waiting to replace my laptop. i’m thinking about getting a Mac but not sure yet.

  23. James

    Are you going to do weekday fun too?

    And, if you ever want to go to a crowded bar in Tempe, I’ll buy you a drink…maybe 2 if you’re lucky

  24. James

    Oh Shelby, I said “WeekDAY” fun, and I’ll be going to the bars tonight in Tempe. So, if you happen to be in the area and if I see you in the same bar or club, I won’t come up to you, but I will buy you a drink or two

  25. Ray

    Hey Shelby I would really like to meet you at your next glory hole adventure. I think that you are really sexy. Will you email me the time and adress the next time you go?

  26. James

    Going to a bar tonight and I’m going to put a drink on layaway for you…I’ll tell the bartender to only give it to a girl with the name “Shelby Caldera,” enjoy!

  27. Neel

    Hi Shelby,

    First thing – You’re very hot and sweet as well 🙂 Looks like you’re very famous internationally also now. That’s great. I’m living in Phoenix metro and so was wondering if you can let me know the glory hole spot and when you’re planning to be there? How much I’ll have to pay for a blowjob?

    Your fan!

  28. Neel

    Thanks Shelby for the response. How can I get in touch with Dave and when are you planning for next glory-hole visit?

  29. Will

    The guys on the receiving end of your blowjobs are soooooooo lucky. I especially liked the video where the girl surprised you helping to stroke the guys balls, etc. Would love for that to be me, you, and my wife.

  30. Neel

    Wow, Shelby – 9th visit. You must be the most favorite one out there and thanks for the contact info. I hope that I’ll be there during your 10th visit with Dave. You’re amazing!

  31. Will

    oh, you are so bad. lol You have such a cute little devilish grin, and I bet you do play well with others.

  32. Shelby Post author

    i just asked dave where i was on the ratings and he said i’m not even in the top 10 anymore 🙁

  33. Will

    That’s fucked up! Paige is hot, but you are the best by far!! His rating system must be screwed. You rock! Add me to the list for your 10th too, I would stand in that line like it was black Friday at WallyWorld.

  34. mhonferrer

    mostly u’r the only one that turned me on so far on watching GHS ever , and ur fame with your unbelievable skills like no others can, sets u up globally . U’r not on the top 10 list but u got an international wide variety of pervs ryt ther awaits to see u on evry details of evry drops of ur GH adventures . Don’t get me wrong but it happens the way it should , unexpectedly for I guess it’s for the Weekend Fun !!! 😀 lol …

  35. K

    Just viewed most of your videos, and glad that you made a ninth visit! Am looking forward for that one 🙂 Keep up the good work! I am pretty surprised some guys can actually hold their loads for a pretty long time, I do not think I can do that though, especially against you 🙂

  36. Shelby Post author

    it might be because of the wall and not being able to see what i’m doing to their cock. some guys cum fast because they can’t see what’s going on.

  37. Will

    I guess I must have been too good this year…I guess you gotta be bad to get your dick sucked at the gloryhole for Christmas. Shelby you can suck on me like a “straw”. hehe
    I wanna be one of the lucky ones that you suck and fuck!!

  38. mhonferrer

    Whew, wonder how could I laid my cock in there, and cum as many loads as i want like an explosion on a New Years blast ..LOL ,,Happy New Year Shelby,, in Advance !!!

  39. Sam

    Hi Shelby,
    I just wanted to leave you a message to say how fantastic I think you are. I’m from England so I’ll probably never get a chance to have my cock sucked by you in real life life 🙁 but I love all your vids and I think you seem really fun and nice. If you ever decide to share any of the vids or pics you’ve been making in private please let me know, I’d be very, very interested!

  40. Will

    I’m rock hard right now thinking of you. Wifey’s on vacation, and I tried to get her to go to the gloryhole before she left to no avail. I think she wants to but is afraid of what I’ll think. any words of encouragement?

  41. Joe

    So are you going to share the pics with us of the aftermath of you taking 8 cumshots to the face?That would be awesome!

  42. Joe

    Hopefully he will post those pics on his site at some point.I saw in your last visit you let a black guy fuck you.Love that!If I ever make it out there hopefully you would let me fuck you.I am a really hung black guy and my load is huge.You up for that?

  43. Will

    Hey Shelby, How’s that sweet pussy doing? When you gonna give me some of that? You make me so horny!!!

  44. Luke

    Hey when u gonna make ur next visit I’m dying to meet u. Just moved to tempe and googled modern world and u came up. Ur sexy as fuck.

  45. Anthony A

    I want to send a message so I can ask where the gloryhole location is, but I can’t find the contact form anywhere! Help?

  46. Shelby Post author

    i had to take it down because i was getting too many emails. i’m not suppose to give out the locations because the owners are afraid they will get busted.

  47. tom

    hey Shelby when are you going to the gloryholeswallow again would love to see a video of like 20-30 guys that’s like 2-3 hours long would be amazing

  48. Tim

    Awesome website! I live in the Tempe area, are you still doing glory holes around the here? I would love to offer my cock for your services!

  49. Max

    I just want to say that you are a way better actress than anybody in Hollywood. They should hire you there. And you seem like a nice person too. Thanks for the good times:)

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