Hi, welcome to my new site…I’m excited about adding pics and videos!

22 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. SamiDahmooni

    LET see your profile supported by more and more sexy hot and naked photos our sweety prett y STAR, bset regards and wishes coupled with respect. samiDahmooni

  2. Florian Nanu

    You are my Sweet Favorite…A see many Gloryhole videos,but yours are the best.
    I love You.Kisses

  3. Shelby Post author

    Thanks! The Gloryhole thing is new to me but I love sucking cocks there. It’s exciting because I try to see how fast I can make guys cum.

  4. PHX1


    Love your attitude!!!…and you’re HOT! Amazing stuff. I’m in Phoenix and would love to cum to your next gloryhole event. Do you know when your next session will be?


  5. Shelby Post author

    oh cool! i’m there pretty much every sunday from noon until about 3pm 🙂

  6. DandaManandHotKate

    Hey Beautiful Sexy Shelby, you are so fucking stunning and fun to watch your videos. Me and my girl would love to have you at our hotel for the night and make you reach orgasm as many times as possible. Let us know and we can send you some hot pics of us.

  7. ken

    shelby ! you race through my mind every day and then i get a raging boner!!! there are no girls as stunning as you and i hope you come back i miss you. if you gottaman i hope he treats you Very well because there are guys like me (wink wink) who would do anything to have a nutty girl like you.

  8. John

    Hi Shelby,

    I’ve only discovered you recently, but it hasn’t taken much time for me to become a huge fan!

    I noticed that most of the comments here are from 2011. Are you still involved in making videos?

    Best wishes!

  9. Shelby Post author

    hi john! yes, i still make movies with dave. i should be doing another one next month 🙂

  10. hicham

    hi how are you shelby you are very sexy and good ??i want to suck my dick you can baby ??

  11. euro

    Hi Shelby. Im a big fan of porn, and have been watching videos for a long time. For some reason i like watching you more than any other of my regular favorites. You only have a few videos but i am hoping for more. There is just something about you. Keep it up sexy bitch! 30m nyc

  12. Shelby Post author

    thanks euro. i think i have 8 videos now on ghs but i have a few others floating around out there 🙂

  13. Shawn

    Hi Shelby. It would be amazing in your next gh visit, if you let some of the guys fuck you. And I’m female btw.

  14. Mike P

    Hi Shelby,

    I’m an adult model in the San Francisco area of California. I’m writing to ask if you’d be interested in doing a mutual BJ shoot, bisexual in nature.

    I know it’s not what you’ve normally done in the past, but I think we’d be a good fit as performers. If you’re interested, please get back to me, and feel free to take a look at my profile page in the meantime to get an idea of me.


  15. mike

    hey shelby, im mike 25yo from CT. I know that im a little too far away to be blessed wnough to meet you but was looking to help you out with your wishlist and get you a cam in exchange for a video or something, would love to talk to you more about it if you can hmu whenever you get a chance. Thanks hun

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